What is the difference between a banned and an authorized demonstration in Paris?

What is the difference between a banned and an authorized demonstration in Paris?

So far, none.

5,000 attend banned demonstration Place de la République (see my earlier post here with photos.)

The battle went on for two hours. The security detachment provided by the organizers was a pushover. The usual smashing was enjoyed by all. Teargas filled the square. It is reported that 50 people were pulled aside and about 30 of them actually detained.

The police surrounded the mob, pushing them gradually…to the metro station. Yes, that is how it was described. They evacuated the smashers by sending them into the metro station. And on their merry way.Gaza-Israel Dateline Paris: Dispatch No.5 by Nidra Poller




The Mullah’s of Londonistan

You can read about them and their useful idiots here: Day of International Outrage ~ Al Quds 2014 ~ London y Esmerelda Weatherwax


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More by Hugh Fitzgerald:

David French is an Iraqi war veteran.

His observations on the behavior of Obama, Kerry, and other members of the Administration, toward Israel, can be found here.


Steven Emerson reports on the number — 60 — of tunnels running from Gaza to Israel,that are estimated by American intelligence to exist.

Quaere: Did the Americans, who have various methods of detection possibly not available to Israel, share this information — on numbers, on depths, on locations — with the Israelis? No? Why not?   Here.


They are not spiritual searchers. They are to the manner born, not victims of Adult-Onset Islam. But the Islam they were born into became, for one  reason or another, more intense in their minds and hearts — it’s always Islam that wins Muslim hearts and minds, and nothing else — and they decided to act on it. O how? By going  off to Syria, and fighting the Jihad, which is what can happen when you rediscover That Old-Time Religion. A few representative samples, here.


I read and listen to a lot of nonsense — people solemnly musing on “what is Israel’s endgame”? And how do they expect to make peace with, attain that presumably longed-for “solution” to their problems, if all they do is blow up those tunnels, and seize the remaining stockpiles of rockets?

This shows complete misunderstanding. The “problem” — to which there is no “solution” — is that of Islam itself. Islam teaches Muslims that the whole world belongs to Allah, and to Muslims, the “best of peoples.” It is wrong, it is unjust, it is contra naturem, to allow any land that  previously was in Muslim possession, no matter how or for how long, ever to return to non-Muslim rule. It is wrong, it is unjust, it is contra naturem, for any land, anywhere, and its indigenes, to be able to put up obstacles to the spread, and then the dominance, of Islam. That is not right. And it is the duty of all Muslmis, collectively or individually (depending on the circumstances) to participate in the Jihad, or struggle, to remove all obstacles to the spread, and then the dominance, of Islam.

Israel is  a permanent affront. It is an Infidel nation-state. It is peopled by, and run by, Jews, who are a despised group of kuffar. It is a land once ruled by Muslims — most recently, by the Ottoman Turks, for hundreds of years. And it sits athwart the “Arab lands” that run from Morocco to Iran. How can the Muslim Arabs, who brought the gift of Islam to the world, and for whom Islam is a vehicle for their own supremacism, allow Israel to exist? They can’t. But right now they can’t use the method tried several times before — that of outright and open military assault, or qital. They can use terrorism. They can use economic boycotts. They can use propaganda. They can use the money weapon. These are all forms of, instruments of, Jihad, written about extensively by Muslim commentators on Jihad, and well understood. And they can use, not only against Israel but against  the world’s other Infidels, in such places as France and Great Britain, in India and Myanmar, in the Philippines and Nigeria, the instrument of demography. Where once Muslims were required to leave the lands where non-Muslims ruled, in order not  to be subject to non-Muslim laws, now they come, take full advantage of every conceivable benefit (free or subsidised housing, education, medical care, unemployment benefits, family allowances — all the things that in the advanced West had been set up, by the natives, for the intended purpose of giving succor to those, among that same population, who for some reason could not cope — and that has been diverted, in large part, to satisfy Muslim immigrants who come, who breed, whose wives do not work, whose men are largely unable or unwilling to work but happy to live on the dole, and whose children disrupt schools and the native curriculum, and become, as they grow, security risks whether they go to the mosque, or do not).

Israel has given up on trying to win over Arab hearts and minds — Gazan Arabs, West Bank Arabs, Fast Jihad or Slow Jihad. It realizes that what counts is to find and destroy those tunnels, to find and destroy or seize those rockets. Hamas, and many more than are officially in Hamas, will hate Israel and want to see it destroyed. But all that matters is that now, and from here on out, they will lack the means. It’s a lesson the entire Western world should learn.

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