Who will be blamed when the bombs go off in Sydney?

Andrew Bolt

Importing hatred: warning of a Bali-style bombing

Why did we import this danger and vilify those who tried to warn against it?

A SENIOR member of parliament’s high-powered intelligence and security committee has warned a Bali-style terrorist attack is inevitable on ­Australian soil and the risk of an incident is “accelerating”…

Labor MP Anthony Byrne raised the alarm in parliament yesterday, revealing the view of the intelligence community was that an attack on home soil of the magnitude of the 2002 Bali bombing — which claimed the lives of 202 people including 88 Australians — was not only possible but now probable…

The Daily Telegraph revealed last month Mr Brandis was planning to adopt up to 41 of 43 recommendations from a bipartisan report last year of the JPCIS that called for greater surveillance powers for ASIO… Spy chiefs are concerned the government is moving too slowly at a time when there were heightened warnings about domestic terrorist events and links to Australians fighting with ­jihadists in Iraq and Syria.

We all know it will happen. And still, when you go to our airports, you find Islamic headbangers doing their thing as baggage handlers, security screeners, cleaners and  shop assistants. There’s a method in the madness. But who has the guts to bring it out in the open and sack them all?


Achtung: Mohammedan Agitprops at Work:

….. as the nation prepares to commemorate the Gallipoli centenary next year, Brandis should remember that there is nothing un-Australian about heading off to the Middle East to sacrifice one’s life in a pointless war. —SHAKIRA HUSSEIN on Crikey