Are Islamic Terrorists Legitimate Just Because They Are "Democratically Elected?"

Can your religion do this?
In the name of Allah, ISIS is starving 
children, massacring
non-Muslims, chopping off heads, stealing what
they can, and even capturing women for sex slavery.
Muslims elsewhere don’t seem all that  bothered.
ISIS is even getting rock star treatment (fan clubs, t-shirts). (TROP)

Hamas Defenders: Don’t Call Them Terrorists

by John Rossomando/ IPTBy attacking Israeli troops andkidnapping one just hours into a new ceasefire Friday morning, Hamas guaranteed that the people it claims to represent in Gaza will face more casualties as Israeli forces hunt for the terrorist who live among them.

Yet, for Hamas defenders, this is unlikely to change their descriptions for the group. Despite long-standing terrorist designations by the United States and European Union, to them Hamas is a “sovereign government,” a political party, a “humanitarian organization” or a “resistance” movement.

A July 14 blog written by Cata Charret on Mondoweiss, a website with a self-described focus on a “progressive Jewish perspective,” denounced describing Hamas as a terrorist group as “reductionist and racist,” noting they were democratically elected. The Huffington Post‘s Jonathan Russo called Hamas’ terrorist reputation a result of “Israel’s mislabeling and misdiagnosis.”

“When they threw out Fatah in their 2007 coup they became a sovereign government, rulers of a tiny yet definable enclave. At that moment Hamas went from a terrorist group to a legitimate government,” Russo wrote.

That “legitimate government,” we now know, diverted millions of dollars that could have helped build Gaza and improve life for its people into building a vast rocket arsenal andtunnel network with one aim – to kill as many Israelis as possible.

Yeah but as Hillary assures us…….Gaza is really small so I am sure the “militants” (who are misunderstanding the Koran) were squeezed into this Church reluctantly…….

Gaza City’s Greek Orthodox church, which was sheltering 2,000 displaced Palestinians at the time, was used by members of Hamas as a launching pad for rockets fired at Israeli territory, according to Archbishop Alexios, Gaza’s most…TRUTHREVOLT.ORG

Jews voted for it, Jews cop it:

18C was meant to protect minorities like Jews instead it has been used against everyday Aussies for pointing out that Islam is the real hater of Australians because of its division of Muslim from infidels.(Jews are at the top of this hate list, Christians second.)

Visiting Jewish leader abused and threatened with physical violence outside the Morley Galleria.–AU.NEWS.YAHOO.COM

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  1. It matters not whether they were elected or usurped their power.
    A terrorist is a terrorist and should, without mercy, be terminated as quickly as possible by those upon whom he exerts or wishes to exert his terror.
    Mickey Oberman

  2. Could you please stop using the word “Submit” which is English for that vile Muslim cult word, “Islam”.

    How about “Send” or “Post” or “Mail”.

    Thank you,
    Mickey Oberman

  3. RE: Visa fraud suspects fled after wiring $1m overseas

    What a surprise. There is a very large number of foreigners that come to the West and deliberately come and commit criminal acts. Whilst, they are free they are more than happy to live in a Western country, but the moment they are caught out or face jail, suddenly the home country looks really good again.

  4. “Could you please stop using the word “Submit” which is English for that vile Muslim cult word, “Islam”.”

    I do not want to submit to Islam.

    I would prefer” send comment”

  5. Section 18c isi liebler Jeremy jones all left wing lemmings in Australia but right wing when it comes to Israel. If they were not hypocrites we wouldn’t have this Islamic mess!

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