Free speech gagged, but where’s that Team Australia?

An interesting development:

THE controversial 18C provisions of the Racial Discrimination Act will be used in a complaint against The Sydney Morning Herald over its anti-­Semitic cartoon and the accompanying article by former columnist, Mike Carlton.

We should all support this suing of Mike Carlton. Why should the Racial Discrimination Act be used to silence only conservatives? Let the Left now realise the law menaces even their own and must be scrapped as a crime against free speech: Carlton sued under 18C. Good.

AUSTRALIA offers sanctuary to 4,000 Iraqi and Syrian Christians and other persecuted minorities

by BareNakedIslam

The Tony Abbott Government has announced that up to 4,000 Iraqi and Syrian Christians and members of other minorities fleeing from certain death or enslavement by Islamic State terrorists would be offered sanctuary in Australia.  Daily Telegraph  Prime Minister Tony Abbott has also not ruled out sending Australian Diggers back into the war zone, saying […]Read more of this post

“Team Australia”- a convenient fantasy for cowardly politicians

Tony Abbott was willing to sacrifice free speech so ethnic community groups would support the government’s counter-terrorism laws. (Within hours this negotiating strategy was proved to be flawed as ethnic community leaders came out and rejected the government’s proposals.)

Prime Minister Tony Abbott said free speech must be surrendered to build “Team Australia”:

We are also determined to engage in ever closer consultation with communities including the Australian Muslim community.

When it comes to counter-terrorism, everyone needs to be part of ‘Team Australia’ and I have to say that the Government’s proposals to change 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act have become a complication in that respect.– Free speech gagged, but where’s that Team Australia? 


School Bus Outrage Shows Dark Force We Must Defeat

THERE is an ageless Arabian proverb which says: “Once the camel gets his nose in the tent, his body will soon follow.” The truly revolting racist attack on a busload of Jewish schoolchildren in Randwick on Wednesday afternoon demonstrates that the anti-Semitic camel is well and truly ensconced in the Australian tent.– Piers Akerman

WATCH: Belfast hate-mob targets supermarket and removes Israeli products from shelves. No other country. Just Israel.

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  1. I asked the Zionist federation why they don’t take action against sheikh wah wah for his declaration of war against the Jews. So dar crickets

  2. THIS IS A SICK BUNCH OF SAVAGES if it weren’t for the Jews most of these nuts would be dead. do some studying and get your facts straight. it is not the Jews that are doing the killing. it is hamas yo will reap what you sew.

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