“Heil Hitler” in Calgary, Urinals in Kenya, Drones vs Mosques and WaPo Lies

“They’re shouting things I shouldn’t tweet”


Pattern of foreign aid contracts reveals administration’s deceptive practices

Muhammad_for_youThe Obama administration regime is continuing its cat-and-mouse game of engaging in questionable foreign aid initiatives – endeavors repeatedly hidden or canceled in the wake of WND reporting – which it then re-launches and even repackages later when public outrage dies down.

The Israeli Air Force bombed 40 mosques in Gaza Tuesday night, July 30, in the…BARENAKEDISLAM.COM
WaPo BS:
The Washington Post agrees:

A United Nations school was attacked in southern Gaza on Sunday, killing at least 10 and injuring more than 30…

Was a school hit?

As Israel Matzav reports, some media are mentioning a slightly different story. From ITV:

A deadly air strike near a United Nations-run school in Gaza was targeting a vehicle outside the front gate of the school, a witness has told ITV News.

Well, that’s a little different, isn’t it?

It will take some time to find out the facts, but as usual, reporters are rushing in to quote known liars like UNRWA spokesturds and the Gaza Ministry of Health Truth….UNRWA school déjà vu – again, the media uncritically reports lies (EoZ)
Feminism fails to confront rise of Sharia law
Feminism is a form of mad cow disease. Its like a western female who finds liberation under the burqa. When confronted with Mohammedanism, it melts like a snowman in spring.

Colonel Richard Kemp: Gaza’s Civilian Casualties: The Truth Is Very Different

With few exceptions, reporters, commentators, and analysts unquestioningly accept the casualty statistics given by Gaza’s Hamas-controlled medical authorities, who ascribeall deaths to the IDF. We have never seen so much as a glimpse of killed or wounded fighters.  GATESTONEINSTITUTE.ORG|BY RICHARD KEMP