Hypocritical flatulence about “disproportionate response” vs savages who respect nothing…

From the Religion of Peace:

Israel Does Not Violate the Laws of War  (American Thinker)

Deconstructing the argument against Israel.

The cries of “disproportionate response” from the Western media grow ever louder:

Ezra Levant offers some context:

So-called “moderate” Palestinian Authority leader accuses Jews of being the new Nazis and says Jews brought the Holocaust upon themselves and now are perpetrating a Holocaust upon the people of Gaza. (BNI)

Explosives Built into Walls of UNRWA Health Clinic…

Over 80 kilogram of explosive material built into rigged UN-funded clinic; no response from UNRWA. Puts an entirely new perspective on the UNRWA spokesman Chris Gunness’ crocodile tears, doesn’t it?

“They may be calling for your destruction, BUT…..”

What “but?” Al BeBeeCeera dipstick  to Isaac Herzog,  leader of the opposition Labor party in Israel:

Herzog is part of the Peace movement, and is certainly no hawk. (Vlad)

Muslims Cut Countless Heads, And Hang The Heads On Electric Wires Throughout The City

Muslims, in Raqqa, Syria, all members of ISIS, have cut countless heads and have hung the heads on electric wires all throughout the city in celebration of the Islamic holiday of ‘Eid. Shoebat.com obtained a photo of the carnage:


Keith Ellison’s “Solution”: End the Blockade of Gaza to Achieve Peace

Muselmama rouses the believers to fight:

From the Daily Mail and the BBC

A Muslim mother has been told to expect a ‘substantial’ prison sentence after encouraging terrorism in Syria over social media. (Esmerelda has more)

Obama needs more ammo. Hamas is happy to provide:

Hamas Urges Human Sacrifice  (Israel Under Fire)

“Palestinian blood that is spilled is precious, but the goals for which this blood is spilled are even more precious.” – Khalil al-Hayya, Palestinian Legislative Council


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