The hideous shrouds of Islamistan

Hijabbery for propaganda purposes:

This is how Muselmanic females poison the water in the West. Do not think they do not play their part in the grand Jihad, which according to the MuBro’s means

‘eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and ‘sabotaging’ its miserable house by their hands … so that … God’s Allah’s religion [Islam] is made victorious over all other religions.”

Hijab Promo in Tennessee

… very few people care about Suleyman’s hijab, which she says she began wearing in 2008, right before she began lobbying Tennessee legislators. A 2007 op-ed written by leaders of the Muslim Canadian Congress asserts that the “hijab has nothing to do with morality” but has become a tool for both political and religious operatives.

Suleyman’s co-Islamist, rabid Jew-hater, friend and colleague, CAIR lawyer Zahra Billoo confirms that she also loves the hijab for this reason:

Hijab Corps (GoV)

remziyasuleymanSharia-adherent Islamic State jihadis (IS), agree with Suleyman that they want to see more women in hijabs and are willing to take steps to ensure that it happens. IS even takes it a step further, issuing a warning to Iraqi women that they are “to wear full-face veils or risk severe punishment” like in Saudi Arabia or Afghanistan.

Suleyman sent out a picture of her new more European hijab look which includes exposing her hairline:–Continue reading →


Hugh Fitgerald

Yes, Columbia had Edward Said, and still has Hamid Dabashi and Rashid Khalidi and a host of other fellow-travellers of the Jihad — the Jihad in general, and the Jihad against Israel in particular.

And it also has a graduate student, getting her doctorate in what can only be described as “Palestinian” Propaganda, writing about “humiliation” (“humiliation” is, as all educated people know, an important feature, in classic Islam, of the Jizyah-payment, and humiliating the Dhimmis — getting them to dismount from their sanctioned donkeys, or moving aside for Muslims when walking, and so on — essential to the well-ordered Muslim society. She writes — about “Palestine” bien entendu), for the Qatar propaganda outlet, Al Jazeera. Her name is Hanine Hassan. I can’t imagine a reputable university wanting to hire her. But unlike non-Arab graduate students, she needn’t worry. Qatar, or some other recipient of trillions of dollars because of an accident of geology, will certainly see that she doesn’t have to worry about money. Meanwhile, she’s taking up a spot that might have been filled not by such a dedicated propagandist for the Jihad against Israel, but to someone who truly wanted to study something important, such as Islam and the position of non-Muslims in one or more of the many different societies conquered by Muslims, through open warfare, or demography.

When not hard at work on her studies, she enjoys making dangerous (even if absurd) allegations, as she did to one Jewish Dutch volunteer with the IDF. Simply put “jihadist” and “IDF” and “Dutch” and “Hanine Hassan,” into google and see what comes up.

They will fight us whether we pay the jiziya or not:

ISIS sets sights on Denmark as EU nation wades into Iraq crisis

… “It is an open war now. ISIS has said that all infidels should be battled. They should be eliminated and soon it will be Denmark’s turn,” OA continued. …

More Kuffarphobia at RT, # Thanks to The Religion of Peace/ Mullah pbuh /August 29, 2014

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