The Khilafa has been established. The longer it lasts, the more legitimate and destructive it becomes…

An AP report, “Syrian Kurdish Fighters Rescuing Stranded Yazidis”, reveals the successful humanitarian corridor created by  Rojava  Kurdish Peshmerga fighters without US and UN assistance.

While the U.S. and Iraqi militaries struggle to aid the starving members of Iraq’s Yazidi minority with supply drops from the air, the Syrian Kurds took it on themselves to rescue them.–Syrian Kurdish Fighters Rescue Yazidis Stranded on Sinjar Mountain

War, Famine, Pestilence, And Death: this century’s theme, as the world’s population begins to downsize. You can make your bets now as to their order — win, place, or show — at the end. –by Hugh Fitzgerald


Our leaders are in denial about this Islamic revolution because it exposes their own naivety 

The terrorist group now calling itself Islamic State has been lucky. It has so far been able to advance its repulsive agenda of violence and cruelty without bothering about comeuppance from the great powers.

This is because it is confronted by probably the most incompetent and ill-equipped Western leaders of modern times. For two months, this barbaric group has been rolling forward. But Washington just dithered.

Londonistan:Radical students Koranimals hand out leaflets on Oxford Street encouraging British Muslims to join Isis

Police were today probing leaflets handed out in the West End by radical students encouraging British Muslims to join the Islamic State (Isis).– (Breitbart London had this yesterday, now the London Evening Standard has some more information.)

khilipha established

‘You are not too young to die’: The British jihadists bidding to recruit boys as young as 15 on social media sites

British jihadists fighting with terror squads in Iraq are using social networking sites to lure young Muslim teenagers from the UK into joining the Islamic State fanatics. The extremists, who boast of ‘slaughtering’ innocent Yazidis and ‘taking their women as slaves’, are advising 15-year-olds that they are ‘not too young’ to die fighting for Allah.– More from the Daily Mail

Robin Williams On Jihad 


Whitewashing Islam: 20 Errors on 20/20 (ABC News)

The media can’t seem to get their facts straight when they discuss Islam.

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  1. Viewed the Robin Williams vid
    Now I understand why the Muhammadans (Jihadis) HATE Robin williams.

    Robin (Williams) only mentions 71 Virgins – what an insult (again) to Muhammadans.

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    Learn a Lesson (All Muhammadans are) Jihadis (Paedophiles Killers Liars Rapists etc. etc.etc).
    and also Get out of The West – Vile Criminal Muhammadans!

    RIP – Robin Williams – RIP.

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