Don't be fooled by a journalism that functions as a tool of Islamic terrorist organisations…

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How can we trust reports from territory controlled by terrorists? 

Journalism ethics professors and historians take note: You are bearing witness, with few exceptions, to some of the most abysmal overseas reporting since Hearst’s New York Journal in 1898 got us into the Spanish-American War and Walter Duranty of the New York Times was ignoring Stalin’s crimes in the 1930s. “We’re not just talking bad journalism,” says Weiss. “We’re talking about journalism that functions as a tool of a terrorist organization, Hamas: breathlessly pushing its narrative, whether cowed by its threats, sympathetic to its cause, or simply ignorant.”

Here’s why we really do need to show what the Islamic State does

Luke Darcy on Triple M on the Catholic Church not wanting to hand over all Vatican documents relating to pedophile priests:

This is as evil as anything ISIS has got. I promise you.

Hyperbole alert:

In some circles it is a sign of virtue to vilify the wrong faith.

However some priests of the Catholic Church have betrayed their trust, to liken their church to the Islamic State shows a staggering lack of proportion.


Chris Kenny notes more of the same:

The liberal Left in the Western world are the “useful idiots” of the Islamist extremists, encouraging us to see no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil…

Hamas praises ‘heroic’ murder of three Jewish hitchhikers. And there’s the difference

Here is an illustration of a critical difference between Israel and Hamas – between the rule of law and the rule of terrorists.

When Israeli Jews allegedy killed a Palestinian youth they were publicly damned by Israeli leaders, quickly arrested and charged. If found guilty they face long prison sentences.

Hamas top dog: We don’t kill civilians, but yeah, we killed those Israeli teens

Hamas leader Meshaal speaks during news conference after meeting with Egypt's President Mursi in CairoHe said that Hamas is against the killing of any civilians, and that the killing of the Israeli teens was not authorized by the Hamas leadership — although he did justify those killings. Nor did he explain why Hamas included the murders of Israeli civilians in its “Glory Record.” Here are some of Hamas’ self-described exploits from that record:  / Comments

When Hamas terrorists and sympathisers earlier killed three Jewish hitchhikers they were publicly praised by Hamas spokesmen and hidden. See, this was an organised Hamas operation, as has now been admitted



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  1. “How can we trust reports from territory controlled by terrorists?”

    The only way.
    Totally eliminate the terrorists.
    rub out, wipe off, blot out, cancel; efface, expunge, excise, remove, obliterate, eliminate, cut, destroy, wipe out, obliterate, eradicate, abolish, stamp out, quash.

    Am I making myself clear?

  2. I note the silence of the left wing turds who accused Israel of fabricating evidence that Hamas murdered the three young Israeli hitch-hikers.

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