Those "impoverished Palestinians" with their huge families…..

Hugh Fitzgerald

Go ahead. Read every story you can about the poor people of Gaza – twice as rich, those poor people, as the Arabs in Egypt, and the Arabs in Yemen.

mideast-israel-palestinians-1And now underline everytime you run across a reference to a family, and note the size of that family.

You can start with this, which I just ran across a minute ago:

“11 members of my family, my brother, his nine children and wife.”

How many families, with eight, ten, eleven, thirteen children” in “impoverished” Gaza do you read about?

I’ve talked to many soldiers who returned from Iraq. They couldn’t get over the size of Iraqi families — again, six, eight, ten, twelve. Did you know that in 1920 Iraq had three million people, and today has thirty million? Did you know that in 1950 Egypt had 20 million people, and today has 93 million? Did you know that the populations of France, Italy, Great Britain have, since 1920, hardly budged, while Iraq’s population has multiplied by ten? Do you think at all about the size of Muslim families all over Europe, and who is paying for the housing, the education, the medical care, the unemployment benefits, the family allowances, of these people, usurper who have come to stay, to stay and to exploit and ultimately to dominate?

Don’t drop any tears over those Gazan Arabs, with their eight or ten or twelve children per family.

Oriana Fallaci’s outburst, about Muslims in Europe “breeding like rats,” was not a good phrase. She was simply, at that point, maddened beyond all control. For she saw what Islam was doing to Italy. She saw the minarets in the Tuscan countryside. And she worried about Italy going under. She had been all over the Middle East, spent time with Khomeini, with Arafat, with the PLO, under fire from Israel. She had been, and in other respects remained, a leftist. But she saw the horror of Islam, and foresaw what it would do to Tuscany, to Italy, to Europe.

Can you do the same? Can you persuade others to do the same?

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