"We, the subjects of the Caliphate…"

How Islam Built The Very Fabric of America

Did Islam really build America?

It’s a silly question to ask; of course we’re a Muslim nation with a deep Islamic tradition – it should be enough that Hussein Obama says Islam built America. But, as everybody knows, the history books were written by Islamophobes. – Do read on, from the Peoples Cube


The image of Islam (nothing else matters…)

Arabs and Muslims have an image problem in media and entertainment as a result of a pro-Israel political agenda. So claimed Edmund Ghareeb and Jack Shaheen, professors at American and New York Universities, respectively, on June 11, 2014, before an audience of forty middle-aged individuals at Washington, D.C. Jerusalem Fund think tank.

“…there is a danger that the negative portrayal of Islam and Muslims will be exacerbated”

What Muslims do makes Muddassar Ahmed sick because it might wake up the cursed kafirs:

With the current focus on ISIS, there is a danger that the negative portrayal of Islam and Muslims will be exacerbated and the false assumption that ISIS has legitimacy in the eyes of Muslims may gain credence. .. Living in Britain and having the right to practise my religion freely is a fundamental part of what makes me proud to be a British Muslim.


More Islamic image problems:

American Muslim suicide bomber spent months back in US before returning to Syria to self-detonate in the cause of Allah

“How, as a socialist, can you not be an anti-Semite?”

The idiots today would have you believe that the Nazis were some kind of “right wingers”- they were not. The Nazis were socialists.  And today’s Jewhaters are yesterdays anti-Semites in the flesh.


Spanish actors denounced the Israeli “genocide” in “Palestine.”

These people are dumb.