"Backlash" Phobia

The Lure of the Jihad

“Palestinians”, Israeli Arabs Emigrate to Join Islamic State

“Backlash” Phobia is best cured with a baseball bat

The dishonest and discredited Islamic supremacist victimhood propagandist Fiyaz Mughal of Tell Mama is crying about “Islamophobia” instead of doing what he should be doing, if he really is what he claims to be: confronting the texts and teachings of Islam that justify violence and supremacism and working to reform them in a genuine and […]Continue Reading »


UK: Islamic supremacist Fiyaz Mughal complains of “Islamophobia” after Muslim Convert Beheads Woman in Her Garden and

Here it comes, the second wave in an Islamic attack on the non-believer is followed up by Islamic supremacist admonishments about “backlash” and the sharia-propaganda club “islamophobia.” The faked hate narrative is full-on, kuffar. Faked hate, phase two of any terror attack. The Islamic supremacists and their apologists have this down cold. I am beginning […]READ MORE

Useful idiots for Islam:

Family members of September 11 victims are taking a stand against Islamophobia with a new bus ad campaign designed to promote religious tolerance and interfaith unity. …More islamophonia at PuffHo


John Kerry appeals to Muslims: the common enemy is global warming 

Should the Islamic State be slaughtering climate sceptics instead? US Secretary of State John Kerry warns they share a common enemy (Andrew Bolt)

hillary-what-differenceHillary: Climate Change ‘Most Urgent, Consequential Challenge We Face’

I wish her shiite would come to life and bite her in the nose….

U.S. releases mock ISIS recruitment video that shows jihadist group blowing up mosques, crucifying Muslims

I’m not convinced that it will do any good, but it may not harm anyone either….