Brisbane: Mohammedan Propaganda Centre Gets a Visit From the Federal Police

Relax: the investigation has linked into Syria but the alleged actions of these men “has got nothing to do with Islam”.
“This is criminal behaviour by Australians involved in terrorist activity.”
What a relief!  (*&%$#)
by Christina McIntosh
A Multicultural Interfaith Centre for the Benefit of the Whole Community in Brisbane was raided this morning by AFP. 
Translation: a Mohammedan propaganda nest behind enemy lines was raided by Australia’s mostly clueless Federal Police.

“We really had no option but to proceed today”

Among the items seized during the raids was electronic data and one firearm, which Mr Gaughan said prompted Wednesday’s raids due to the “public safety concerns”.


‘As reported just now by the ABC.  The story has just broken and there may be all sorts of things to come out in the wash.

“Islamic Centre Raided by Australian Federal Police in Logan, South of Brisbane”.

THE brother of the man suspected of being Australia’s first suicide bomber is one of two men charged with preparing to send fighters to the conflict in Syria.

“An Islamic Centre south of Brisbane has been raided as part of an operation by Australian Federal Police officers.

“Part” of an operation.  I wonder how many other “Islamic centres” and foci of recruitment for jihad are on the list of “places of interest”?  Me, I would place under close scrutiny every known mosque, every “Islamic bookshop” and “community centre”, and the premises of all our Mohammedan “community leaders” and “spokesmen”, not excluding the current Mufti, and the sinister slithery likes of Keysar Trad and Walid Aly. – CM

“The raid at the iQraa Islamic Centre was carried out this morning at Logan, but the AFP will not release further details at this stage.

It all begins in the mosque. The mosque is the key.  The incitement and the recruitment for murderous jihad against Infidels and against insufficiently-islamic mohammedans, begins in the mosque. The mohammedan mob issues forth from the mosque to burn, rape, and kill. The orders are given at the mosque.  C S Hurgronje knew that.  Ex-Muslim Sam Solomon, whose little book “The Mosque and its Role in Society”, knows that, and explains it very clearly; said book ought to be in the possession of – and the subject of serious study by – every law enforcement and intelligence officer throughout the Lands of the Infidels. – CM

“There have also been unconfirmed reports of other raids.

Good.  I hope those reports are correct.  Hit em fast, hit em hard, and take em by surprise; that’s the way to catch the mass-murderous jihad plots a-borning. – CM

‘One of the men who established the Islamic centre was the brother of the man suspected to be the first Australian [sic: “Australian-passport-holding” Muslim – CM] suicide bomber to die in Syria, Abu Asma al Australi.

‘AFP officers have finished a debriefing about what occurred this morning to members of the Muslim community at a university campus south of Brisbane.

Why? Why do we have to anxiously explain and apologise to the “Muslim community”, out of which the jihad plotters are proliferating with such rapidity, and who are doing, to be blunt, diddly-squat to warn us Infidels about what is brewing in their midst?  Methinks that it is way past time that such a “debriefing” was reduced to just two sentences, sternly and unapologetically delivered: “We know what you’re up to.  Behave, or else!“  Would our law enforcement personnel and politicians rush round to the clubhouses of the outlaw bikie gangs, immediately after raiding suspect premises associated with said gangs, in order to profusely offer apologies and explanations?? – CM

‘Queensland Police Commissioner Ian Stewart is scheduled to give a press conference at 3 pm (AEST) but it is not confirmed if he will be directly addressing the raid.

“The iQraa centre is also identified as a gift store, book shop, and cafe.

One hopes that the AFP has been sussing out the books on offer in that shop.  I wonder whether iQraa stocks, inter alia, the works of Taqi Osmani, Sayid Qutb, Yusuf Al-Qaradawi, and Maududi? – CM

‘Queensland Premier Campbell Newman said he had been briefed by authorities about the situation.

“What has been conveyed to me is there is heightened security threats to Australians and we won’t just let that roll on”, he said.

“Mr Newman said security is a priority with Brisbane hosting the G20 leaders conference in November.

If that is causing increased scrutinity of all entities and premises associated with the Mohammedan Mob, in and around Queensland, that is a very good thing.  Turn over all the rocks and look underneath, to see what you find. – CM

‘Last night, the head of Australia’s domestic spy agency, David Irvine, said the country’s official terror threat (that is: the likelihood that we Aussie Infidels may expect to be murderously attacked by allahu-akbaring members of the mohammedan Mob – CM) could be upgraded in the next few days.

Raid the mosques and Islamic bookshops and Islamic “community centres”, please, Mr Irvine. Every single one of them that you know about, on Australian soil.  Now.  No warning.  Take the sniffer dogs. Raid the lot of them, suddenly, simultaneously, with overwhelming force. Search from attic to basement – don’t forget to check for tunnels – and see what you find. – CM

‘ASIO’s director-general told the ABC’s 7.30 that the threat had been building in Australia over the past year, and he had an “elevated level of concern”.

More to come.’

I’m sure there will be.

And meanwhile, Australia, like so many other Infidel lands, keeps on importing Mohammedans, more and more Mohammedans…

Got Muslims? Got jihad.  Get more Muslims? Get more Jihad.  Conversely: the fewer Muslims are present, the lower the likelihood that there will be murderous Jihad attacks from within, carried out by the Ummah’s fifth columnists.  That is the flaming obvious, which governments all over the lands of the Infidels seem yet to be unable to grasp, and act upon. – CM

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