China cracks down on ABC spin doctors

The Chinese government has issued veiled threats to Australia’s national broadcaster that diplomatic relations could be damaged if the ABC broadcasts a report from its Beijing-based correspondent Stephen McDonell, according to ABC sources.

The report, which is due to air on the ABC’s Foreign Correspondent program on Tuesday night, deals with the Chinese government’s increasingly harsh crackdown on the Uighurs, a small Muslim community in the far-western province of Xinjiang. (Sydney Moonbat Herald)

(Nearly ten million head choppers is just “a small minority” for ABC journaillie.)

"We will be showing the program": the ABC's Michael Millett.“We will be showing the program”: the ABC’s Michael Millett. Photo: Alex Ellinghausen

Sure. Always on the side of the oppressed soldiers of allah. Doesn’t take much courage to damage our relations with China while we have a conservative government. The ABC needs to be put out of business.

The Uighurs, who are seeking an independent homeland, have been the subject of a brutal crackdown by Chinese authorities.

The Uighurs have  been running amok for much too long and murdered hundreds of Han Chinese in their jihad, which the ABC generously omits.

The Chinese government has been condemned internationally for the life sentence that was recently imposed on well-respected Uighur scholar Ilham Tohti.

“Well respected” by whom? Why would anyone with his head still screwed on side with Islamic savages?

A fortnight ago, while McDonell was returning to Beijing after filming in Xinjiang, the Chinese embassy in Canberra contacted the ABC’s managing director, Mark Scott, to express their concerns about the program. They requested it not be aired.

Because they know how biased the ABC is.

Uighur report: the ABC's Beijing-based correspondent, Stephen McDonell.Uighur report: the ABC’s Beijing-based correspondent, Stephen McDonell.

Foreign Correspondent’s executive producer, Steve Taylor, said that “such was their intelligence gathering that they [embassy officials] made overtures to the ABC while the assignment was still under way”.

Following the letter to Mr Scott, two senior officials from the Chinese embassy in Canberra had an hour-long meeting with the ABC’s director of communications, Michael Millett.

“They made their views clear that they didn’t want the program shown … suffice to say we will be showing the program,” Mr Millett told Fairfax Media.

ABC sources claim that, during the meeting, the Chinese officials said that if the program was aired, the ramifications would be wider than just a stoush with the national broadcaster.

Mr Millet declined to go into any details about the meeting except to say that the Chinese officials “expressed their views forcefully but politely”.

The executive producer said it was a testament to the tenacity of McDonell and cameraman Wayne McAllister to record the plight of the Uighurs in the face of determined efforts by Chinese authorities to “stymie, stifle and impede their reporting”.

“We were very concerned about the integrity and safety of the material while filming and while trying to get it back to Australia,” Taylor said

In 2009, the Chinese government unsuccessfully demanded that the Melbourne International Film Festival withdraw a documentary about an exiled Uighur leader, Rebiya Kadeer.

Fairfax Media has contacted the Chinese embassy and sent written questions about the matter but has not yet received a response.

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7 thoughts on “China cracks down on ABC spin doctors”

  1. As you imply, Muslim “rights” trump all other politically-correct cards in Leftworld; in this case, the normally effusive coverage of all things Communist Chinese – pandas, economic growth etc. – finds itself subservient to the need to “panda” to Islamic values.

  2. Notwithstanding their discovery of the designs of muslims, the Chinese government and its supporters are not our friends. They are purely and simply our customers. Like muslims they have no right to dictate our behaviour nor who our friends should be.

    Like muslims – they’d love our obedience.

    1. The Chicoms may not be our friends, but they are investors, buyers and suppliers on an unprecedented scale. Their Islam policies are flawed but nevertheless far more effective than ours. For that reason, we should work with them, rather than annoy them with absurd ABC reporting that portrays Mohammedans as the underdog. We don’t need this kind of friction.

  3. ABC has the time to bash infidels in Australia, now they have time to bash the Chinese infidels. It’s like the BBC and PBS. Why are we financing these corrupt broadcasters? Our govt at work.

  4. “portrays Mohammedans as the underdog”

    That is the key part,the victim part.

    This is the case whether it is in China, Burma ,India or anywhere else where the Mohammedans are in a “minority”

    Yes, the violence by the Mohammedans is generously omitted.

  5. I loath what the ABC has become in the last twenty years, they are traitors to every facet of truth and honesty. It amazes how they will uphold obscene, depraved acts as somehow justifiable through moral and cultural relativity.
    How do you understand people that clearly want the disintegration of the family unit, the dissolution of the concept of just plain right and wrong and now the hypocrisy of lending credence to the adherents of a barbaric, misogynist group, who want only the death of, or complete submission to the religion of peaces.

  6. If there is any confusion, here is the list.
    Humanism takes precedence over religion.
    children’s human rights take precedence over parents.
    Social conformity takes precedence over parental rights.
    The right to kill babies takes precedence over the rights of the child.
    Gay Queer Transgender precedence over normal.
    Then the Ace of spades, Islam, takes precedence over all of the above.
    If you are unsure, check the UN., whose resolutions are now delegitimising laws based on Christian values and equality.
    The UN. passes resolutions, or not, according to the OIC. and its fifty seven Muslim states .

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