Dangerously Inflammatory. How can the ABC board possibly justify this?

Andrew Bolt

Has there ever been a more dangerous and despicable Q&A?

Has any Q&A panel been more frightening and threatening?


The claim that terrorists have “legitimate concerns”, although, of course, the killing is bad.

The unchallenged vilification of Israel and its “war crimes”.

The describing of Israel as a “root cause” of Muslim terrorism.

The insistence that we will keep getting extremism unless we end our support for evil Israel.

The steering of this discussion away from Islamist threats to Australians and onto alleged Australian meanness to Muslims.

The dismissal of terrorism as “theatre”.

The repeated attacks on the government for allegedly arranging the police raids for political purposes.

The repeated claims that white racists aren’t policed as Muslims are.

The repeated complaints – by people in the audience, too – that Muslims are picked on.

The attacks on the expectation that Muslims follow “the Australian way”.

The heckling of Justice Minister Michael Keenan, with claims the timing of the raids was convenient for the Government.

The barrage of tweets attacking the Government and Islamophobia, and suggesting the police raids were a stunt.

The West created this threat by invading Iraq.

The pack attack on politicians opposing the burqa, a shroud of oppression of women.

Naturally, host Tony Jones has stacked the panel: two Muslim activists (who do most of the talking), plus one MP each from Labor, the Liberals and Greens. Jones reserves most of his hard questions for the Justice Minister, and none for the two Muslim apologists.

Muslim extremists watching would feel more justified than ever in their rage at the alleged crimes Australia and Israel commit against Muslims. They would feel that Australia must change to accommodate them … or else.

The ABC is out of control. And this kind of stuff actually puts us in more danger.


Why did the Labor MP, shadow Attorney-General Mark Dreyfus, not protest at the gross vilification of Israel? I would have, and I’m not even Jewish.


ABC balance: a Left-wing host has a panel of four from the Left and one conservative to discuss how the terrorism raids seemed a stunt, we’re just picking on Muslims and Israel is one of the “root causes” of the rage of jihadists.

How can the ABC board possibly justify this? This is not just biased, but dangerously inflammatory.

Australians are out on the streets wasting their energy protesting about climate change. Why not be passionate about a clear and present danger?

AUSTRALIA has received a direct threat from Islamic State fighters in a chilling new video recording, which the government believes is genuine.

4 thoughts on “Dangerously Inflammatory. How can the ABC board possibly justify this?”

  1. We are living with a dangerous phenomenon: The Fifth Column at work! We are at that dangerous phase where many people suspect that something’s wrong but don’t want to deal with it because the spectre is too confronting for their well being. Unfortunately, this is when the Fifth Column and associated Quislings get an intractable foothold.

    Our Australian democracy and freedom is being ‘white-anted’. The prospect of of it falling down around us is getting closer.  A major weapon of the Fifth Column is the snare of Political Correctness. We’ve got to stop being mesmerised by its spell or It could be the cause of death of Australia as a free nation.

  2. Islam is the ‘darling’ of the ABC. They’ve got Islam on a pedestal where they fawn over it and protect it with a slavish fervour from adverse opinion.
    Also of note is the latest SBS, Orwellian style, political indoctrination ads promoting Islam in the guise of diversity and multiculturalism.

  3. All Australian Politicians state (but they didn’t)….
    …. by 1990 no Muhamamdan will be living in Australia (or in any Western Country).”

    Just like Bob Hawke saying (and He -‘H’ is His opinion of Himself- did) ….
    …. by 1990 no Australian child will be living in poverty.”

    Just what has ISLAM’s Muhammadans offered
    • Australia’s Poltiticians and Politicals and
    • ABC and SBS Criminals.
    it could only be ….
    Submit to islam, or pay the jizya with willing submission else we (Muhammadans) will kill you.”

    So why would ….
    • Australia’s Poltiticians and Politicals and
    • ABC and SBS Criminals.
    want such a blessing bestowed upon themselves AND us.

  4. CBC and ABC, both follow the parent BBC. All three are license/taxpayer funded.

    The one encouraging aspect of this fawning over Islam is trhat when the penny drops, or the government threatens the license fee, Islam will be brought down in the same way that it is raised on a pedestal.

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