Despicable: Muslim Harlot Tony Burke Praises Pali Terrorism, Libels Israel with 'Bombing Children'

53d5f0471cd1eLabor is pandering to a religious minority  Muslims which is helping it to hold key marginal seats. In exchange it is betraying our principles and our allies, and feeding a dangerous sense of victimhood among jihad-sympathisers only too keen to believe that Jews and the West are the real terrorists. Burke is not just deserting Israel to please his Muslim voters. He is deserting the West generally, including Australia.

Labor frontbencher Tony Burke represents the Sydney seat of Watson, which now has an astonishing 20 per cent of Muslim voters.

This is him yesterday:

Labor frontbencher Tony Burke betrays not just Israel but Australia

Today he tops it off with more bile and Zionhass:

Military Ceremony in Gaza

Tony Burke praises the “bravery” of Palestinians “engaging in politics in different ways”

Andrew Bolt

Labor frontbencher Tony Burke savages Israel and praises Palestinians fighting it:

You don’t need to be of any particular religious faith to be opposed to the bombing of children….

[T]he Friends of Palestine group … brought me photographs of what had happened to the water supply for the people who lived downstream from one of the [Jewish] settlements… [W]hen you see people who have had their drinking water trashed by a settlement upstream, you get a sense very quickly of proportion…

[W]hen settlements are being built between Bethlehem and Ramallah, all the way south of Jericho, that’s about preventing a two state solution. It cannot be about anything else…

When Bob Carr was Foreign Minister, for the first time, Australia stopped automatically lining up with whatever the voting pattern of the United States and Israel was on resolutions of the United Nations. For the first time, we refused to line up when it came to whether or not there’d be improved recognition in the General Assembly for the Palestinian people…

If you are serious about justice, then we need to acknowledge and acknowledge the truth, that all Israeli settlements on Palestinian land are illegal. If we’re serious about speaking the truth then we must unequivocally be able to say that East Jerusalem is occupied.

And then this astonishing statement:

For those who are political advocates within Palestine itself, I will never know the bravery that comes with putting your life on the line and at risk, in engaging in politics in different ways.

What the hell does Burke mean with “engaging in politics in different ways”? I know how it would have sounded to Muslims in favour of jihad.

Note that in Burke’s speech there is not a single reference to what Israel is actually up against – a terrorist-led government in Gaza, pledged to its destruction and preaching the most vicious Jew-hatred.

Here is one of the latest examples, from the Al-Aqsa TV that Hamas controls in Gaza.  Palestinian preacher Bahsir Al-’Ashi is being interviewed:

The people occupying Palestine are the enemies of Mankind. The Jews are not the enemies of the Palestinians alone. If I could, I would say this in English, so that the people of the whole world would understand that the Jews are their enemies.

The Jews are the enemies of the Christians worldwide. They are the enemies of the Americans and of all the nations, not just of Palestine and of the Arab and Islamic nation. The Jews are prepared to sow corruption in the world, and to ignite strife and wars between the nations…

All the nations need to understand that the most important thing for the Jews and their leaders is to appeal to the sentiment of their people by quenching their thirst for sucking the blood of others. This is what happened [in the war].

The killing of children brings joy to the Jews. The killing of children brings joy to the Jews. The Jewish people rejoice at the killing of children, women, and the elderly, at the uprooting of trees, the plundering of money, and the burning of lands. This is true of all of the Jews, of the entire Jewish people.

All the nations of the world should know that sucking the blood of non-Jews and killing them is in the very nature of the Jews. After all, they are the slayers of the prophets. It is a war of Truth against Falsehood, and both sides have supporters.

What the hell is Burke playing at? I know that 20 per cent of the voters in his seat are Muslim, but can that excuse his reckless stoking of resentments?


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