Do you really think Obama has any intention to stop the global jihad…?

“I am afraid that God has sent these men to lay waste the world”.

-Patriarch Cyrus of Alexandria, Melkite patriarch of the Egyptian see of Alexandria in the 7th century (died about 641)

For more than 5,000 years, numerous civilizations have left their mark on upper Mesopotamia – from Assyrians and Akkadians to Babylonians and Romans. Their ancient, buried cities, palaces and temples packed with monumental art are… —LEADERPOST.COM|BY SINAN SALAHEDDIN

“They have destroyed every place they have gone to. We saw what they did in Iraq, in Sinjar, and we fled in fear.”

Islamic State militants storm across northern Syria with tanks, heavy weaponry, causing tens of thousands to fee in panic.–YNETNEWS.COM

“Human Rights” means only Muslims are human…

Every day Britain grows more absurd, more insane. It would be amusing if it didn’t involve the abject surrender and self-destruction of a once-great nation. –JIHAD WATCH

Video: Robert Spencer and Michael Coren on jihad plots in Australia and Canada

Last night during Spencer’s regular Jihad Watch segment on Michael’s Sun TV show.