Geert Wilders: Enemy of the (Islamic) State

Which makes him an enemy of the ruling establishment in Holland, where prostration before muselmanic head choppers has been in fashion for quite some time.

Court ready for Wilders

1601452_745828795484882_5821292653685736207_nby Bart Mos/thanks to the Q-Society

THE HAGUE, Tuesday

The court in The Hague is busy preparing the criminal trial against Geert Wilders, although the judicial authorities have not yet decided to prosecute him. The court administration wants to prevent chaos, like four years ago in Amsterdam.

It is generally expected that the judicial authorities will decide later this month whether the PVV leader will be prosecuted for his statement about “fewer Moroccans” during an election meeting in a pub in The Hague. Yesterday, a spokeswoman for the public prosecutor in The Hague refused to say on which date the decision to prosecute will be taken, but internally it has been rumored for some time that one aims for September.

Wilders’ offending statement, in which he asked his PVV-supporters “Do you want more or fewer Moroccans?” caused a lot of protest last March. The supporters chanted sixteen times “Less! Less! Less!” Throughout the country, more than five thousand complaints were made against Wilders for group defamation, discrimination and incitement to hatred. In addition, a few tens of thousands reports of discrimination were made through the website of the police.

In preparation of the possible prosecution of the PVV leader the court in The Hague has appointed two judges to assist the media during the trial: Elianne van Rens and Hubert Nijman.

This article was published today on the frontpage of the Dutch newspaper, De Telegraaf.

7 thoughts on “Geert Wilders: Enemy of the (Islamic) State”

  1. Descartes said “I think therefore I’am”. Now we have the ruling paradigm ” I feel therefore I’am”.

    This hurting anyone’s feelings is now the new blasphemy. Wilders is being tried for the crime of blasphemy against “feelings”. Punishment for blasphemy used to be death. Now we have a better punishment – ostracism, loss of job, and public ridicule in the media.

    How good to be alive in these enlightened times.

  2. If Geert Wilders said to me ….
    Do you want more or fewer Moroccans?

    and this is not a quote answer!
    Less! Less! Less! Less!
    Less! Less! Less! Less!
    Less! Less! Less! Less!
    Less! Less! Less! Less!

  3. I dont hate the SAVAGES, I despise them. Is there a law against despising, because if there is, then I will hate the SAVAGES some more. If a few politicians and judges were hanged I think the rest of their paedophile friends would start using common sense, and hate/despise the inbred SAVAGES!!!

  4. What incredible hypocrisy it is when muslim leaders scream about how they want less JOOOS, actually none, in Israel, their writings reek of hatred and death against all non muslims., yet they get a pass and Geert gets hauled over the coals for saying less Morrocans..meaning deportation for crimes, and no more muslim immigration. When MUSLIMS speak about JOOOS they mean GENOCIDE of a people, this is not what Geert Wilders intends.. There is no moral equivalence between blood lusting muslims intentions and Wilders political aims. This is just another way to try and remove Wilders from the political arena, They will try to get him imprisoned, funny that when Geert has to spend most of his time locked up for his own security. SHAME on those appeasers for Islamic Jihad..

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