Investigate Islamic Infiltraitors Instead!

Their idea of an “investigation” is to blame the police for being trigger happy or using “disproportionate force”.

MUSLIM leaders have called for a full investigation into the fatal shooting of a teenage Muslim man after he stabbed two counter-terrorism officers in Melbourne…-COURIERMAIL.COM.AU
The New York Post is reporting that ISIS fighters are running wild in the Middle East, raping thousands of women in order to create spawn to populate their new…TRUTHREVOLT.ORG


Great links from the religion of peace:

Letting in the Wrong Refugees  (Michelle Malkin)

Yes, religion matters a great deal as to the risks host countries incur by way of immigration.

Demoting Islam’s Religion Status  (Islam in Action)

Islam is less a religion and more of a political movement designed to supplant our way of life.

How ISIS Ripped Off ‘Natural Born Killers’  (Daily Best)

Critiquing ‘The Flames of War’.

Defending Child Rape  (FrontPage Magazine)

This article is more about efforts by the media to distract the British public.

Nothing to Do with Islam?  (YouTube)

(Video) A music video with a wealth of images.

Greater Jihad is Preparing for the Lesser Jihad  (Nicolai Sennels)

“Seen from a psychological perspective, the greater jihad is nothing but self-radicalisation.”

Beheading and Mutilating as the Quran Instructs  (R. Ibrahim)

Nearly every atrocity meted out by the Islamic State was pioneered in Islam by its founder

The Jihadi’s Promise: Power over Death  (Gatestone)

They aren’t trying to commit evil; they are serving Allah.

We are Losing World War III  (American Thinker)

“An aggressive and deceitful fifth column is working against the West from within while the bloodthirsty elements rampage in country after country.”

I don’t think we need to worry about this because Obama and the media are telling us that ISIS is not Islamic. ……. Oh and as Americans continue to die at the hands of Muslims following the Qur’anic mandates to kill the kafir we will continue to be told that it is not Islam.

A recently recorded speech distributed by the Islamic State called on Muslims living in Western countries to commit lone wolf attacks and wage jihad against innocent civilians.
CASEY Councillor Sam Aziz has come under fire for a controversial Facebook post to Muslim leaders who feel “alienated in Australia.”
“If you can kill an American then rely upon Allah, and kill him.”

2 thoughts on “Investigate Islamic Infiltraitors Instead!”

  1. We Will Enslave Your Women by the Permission of Allah.”

    How can a non-entity non-existent imagined “Allah” give you Vile Putrid Malevolent Muhammadans permission to do what is impermissible.
    Muhammadan FOOLS.

  2. And there’s going to be a street march/protest in Melbourne streets this afternoon (5:30pm, I think) organised by the younger brother of the dopey kid that got caught out when he attacked the 2 policemen a few days ago.

    I understand the general gist of this protest march is along the lines that the kid was only doing what islam & mohammed commands as part of his “religion” and he should have been allowed to kill as many infidels as he wanted & who the hell are we to strike back?

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