"Islam is mercy and love and communication with the other…"

Ketchup Kerry’s claim to fame is marrying money.He’s been a danger to America and the free world ever since. If the law was applied, he would have been hanged for treason 4o years ago.

“Beheadings only attracting a small minority of radicalised Muslims impressed by such violent excesses”

“Islam is mercy and love and communication with the other,” he told AFP.–Qur’an And Sunnah Have Nothing To Do With Islam (Repeat, With Variations, Ad Libitum) 

At least 15 men and one woman from Minneapolis have traveled to Syria and Iraq to join ISIS, according to authorities.

Most of the fighters are from the city’s large Somali refugee population. 

 “I understand why they are killing people”

“An Islamic state will always be what we Muslims yearn for, and therefore we cannot help but support the IS,” Abdallah told Den Korte Avis.–Mosque in Jutland expresses support for IS

Clare Lopez and Alan Jones talk about Clare’s Australia tour and the current threat the West faces from the resurgence of Islamic jihad.

Alan talks to the former C.I.A operations officer about the threat posed by Islamic State

Truth-telling, and the expected explosion at the end, by Muhammad Beyoudh Al-Tamim, described as a “Jordanian Palestinian” (a West Palestinian East Palestinian, instead of as a “Palestinian Jordanian” which would make him an East Palestinian West Palestinian”)i on Jordanian television, here.

Now what was he really?
Not professionally trained as a journalist,  Sotloff  wrote  prescient reports on the rise of jihadist savagery in the region, perhaps as a warning to both fellow Israelis and many in the West.
Perhaps not:
“In Yemen it’s the first question everyone asks,” he wrote—namely, a person’s religion. “I ‘converted’ in my first week so I wouldn’t have to deal with all that rubbish. LOL.”

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  1. Liberals just don’t get it. Because they take religion so lightly, they just can’t understand how anyone can take religion so seriously. Looks like the ‘rubbish’ got taken out.

  2. Lurch Kerry AKA Mr. ketchup is a lackey,lapdog,sycophant and an apologist of Islam. He is doing as he is told by the regime of our ‘Dear Leader’.

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