Mark Steyn: "many western heads have too little up there to be worth chopping off.”

Tim Blair, spot on as always:


Crikey is concerned:

There’s a growing risk that the constant attention, harassment and demonisation of a single community will alienate, isolate and enrage people.

Don’t worry, Crikey. We harassed and demonised conservatives won’t hurt anybody.

Anti-U.S. protesters in Dhaka, Bangladesh


Mark Steyn considers the latest Islamic decapitation in the US:

Colleen Hufford was born in 1960. Life is full of grim twists and cruel vicissitudes, but in mid-20th century America it would not have occurred to anyone that one needed to worry about going to work and being beheaded by a colleague. Yet that’s what happened to Ms Hufford on Thursday: She turned up for her job at at the Vaughan Foods food processing plant in Moore, and Alton Alexander Nolen decapitated her …

Many commenters at KOCO-TV seem more outraged by the mentioning of Mr Nolen’s religion than by the beheading:

• Truth is, Islam has nothing to do with it. And Christians are far from innocent.
• What does his religion have to do with this tragedy???
• What does his religious faith have to do with this story?
• Why would you even through in anything about terrorism in this story? The writer of this story is a true DUMBASS!
• I can cite plenty of instances where religion was used to justify the bombing of abortion clinics and the murder of abortion doctors.
• I’ve read plenty of Christians calling for the indiscriminate murder of Muslims.
• Inquisition anyone?
• If he was converting to Christianity would you say that??

Steyn’s very reasonable conclusion: “It seems many western heads have too little up there to be worth chopping off.”

byuyzv8ceaegvyjNo women, no wine:


Roger Scruton on Islamic rage:

The Middle East is, as we are discovering, not one thing: on the contrary, it is a patchwork of communities whose peaceful coexistence depended on conditions that no longer exist. And many of those communities are in the habit of producing the two greatest scourges of the human race: young men without women, and puritanical rage …

Thanks to Ataturk polygamy was abolished in Turkey and women were encouraged to enter public life. Their status as the unspeakable ‘secret’ was removed, their faces were revealed, their soothing presence was everywhere perceivable. Thanks also to Ataturk the other great solvent of social tension – alcohol – was permitted and, while drunkenness is rightly viewed with anger all across the Middle East, the example of Turkey has helped many of those ancient communities to let their hair down and relax together over a bottle.

Remove wine and women, however, and the tension quickly escalates.

It sure does:

Mohammad Ali Baryalei is believed to be the most senior Australian member of the terrorist group Islamic State, having travelled to Syria in April last year …

Former Street Dawah friend Abdul Salam Mahmoud, who is now in Syria undertaking humanitarian work, said Mr Baryalei was someone he looked to as a leader.

“He was outspoken and wouldn’t shy from speaking the truth regardless,” he told Fairfax Media. “He wasn’t pleased with living in Australian society and wanted to live in an Islamic society away from open alcoholism, homosexuality, fornication, drugs and capitalism.”

Instead, he wanted no alcohol, same-sex barriers, no sex at all outside of marriage, no drugs and yay for communism. Sounds just dandy. Plus beheadings.

(Via Jonah Goldberg)