NY Daily News: "notorious flame-thrower Pamela Geller's Shocking anti-Islam ad campaign"

A message from my dear friend Pamela Geller:


The NY Daily News headline screams, “Shocking anti-Islam ad campaign coming to MTA buses, subway stations.” Shocking? Shocking is beheading journalists with six-inch knives. Shocking is kidnapping hundreds of non-Muslim girls, gang-raping them and selling them at slave markets. Shocking is one million Christians being ethnically cleansed or slaughtered from Syria. Shocking is thousands of American, European, Australian, Canadian Muslims flocking to Syria and Iraq to fight for the Islamic State.

Shocking is the media’s deceitful and corrupt coverage of jihad.

Imagine, in the wake of beheaded journalists, a major newspaper is calling my ads “anti-islam” and me a “notorious flamethrower.” These people are insane.


My organization, the human rights advocacy group the American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI) has unveiled a new advertising campaign that boldly tells truths that the U.S. government and the mainstream media seem determined to obfuscate.


The enemedia is run by a bunch of rabid dogs.

by Jennifer Fermino/Daily Mail

Shocking anti-Islam ad campaign coming to MTA buses, subway stations

EXCLUSIVE: Notorious flame-thrower Pamela Geller has paid $100,000 for advertisements showing ISIS beheading victim and Adolf Hitler. The ads will appear on 100 buses and at the entrances of the E. 59th St. station and the Columbus Circle station.

An incendiary ad campaign that includes an image of American journalist James Foley just before his beheading in Syria is coming to 100 MTA buses and two subway stations.

The ads, paid for by flame-throwing blogger Pamela Geller, at a cost of $100,000, are intended as an “education campaign” to warn of the “problem with jihad” and Islamic sharia law, Geller said.

In one of the placard ads, Foley appears handcuffed, on his knees, next to the hooded, black-clad jihadist who is about to execute him — an image from the video released by the group Islamic State, which boasted of the execution.


The ad also contains a second photo, of the Briton suspected by some of being Foley’s killer. The Brit is shown in happier times, before he allegedly joined ISIS.

“Yesterday’s moderate is today’s headline,” the placard says.

A second ad contains a 1940s photo of a pro-Nazi Palestinian leader chatting with Adolf Hitler under the headline, “Islamic Jew-Hatred: It’s in the Quran.”

In addition to the 100 buses, Geller’s ads will appear at the entrances of the E. 59th St. station on the Lexington Ave. line and the Columbus Circle station.

Geller is a prolific blogger who writes of a “global jihad conspiracy” and calls President Obama a “clown” and an “Islamic apologist.” (that’s pretty mild. Fact is, he is one of them, he certainly isn’t one of us. And  its not a “conspiracy”, its pretty much out in the open. All the Islamic clerics have made their goals clear.)

Her ads will surely offend some bus and subway riders, but the MTA said it has no choice but to allow them.

It tried to block Geller several years ago when she wanted to post ads in the subway that labeled enemies of Israel as “savages.”– (which they are. Only savages would shoot thousands of rockets at civilians….)

The MTA said the ads violated its “no demeaning” language policy. But a judge ruled that rejecting the ads violated Geller’s First Amendment rights.

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ALLISON JOYCE/ALLISON JOYCE FOR THE NEW YORK DPamela Geller, creators of the anti-jihad subway ads, speaks at an MTA meeting two years ago.


More from Pamela:

Imagine, in the wake of beheaded journalists, a major newspaper is calling my ads “anti-islam” and me a “notorious flamethrower.” These people are beyond help.

Our ads are designed to raise awareness about the need for Muslims in the US not just to denounce ISIS, but to teach young Muslims why this understanding of Islam is wrong and must be rejected.

If the Islamic State is not Islamic, what is it? How did this misunderstanding of Islam become so widespread? Why are so many more US and UK Muslims than ever joined al Qaeda joining the Islamic State?

And while Muslims in the US condemn the Islamic State, where are they teaching against the ideology that gave rise to it?

Right now, nothing is being done to stop jihad recruiting in US mosques, even as several hundred young Muslims from the US have gone to wage jihad for the Islamic State.

If the moderates really reject extremism, let them show it by instituting genuine programs to teach against this view of Islam.

– See more at: http://pamelageller.com/2014/09/ny-daily-news-shocking-anti-islam-ad-campaign-coming-to-mta-buses-subway-stations.html/#sthash.58u16fK5.dpuf


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