Pat Condell: The real enemy within

 “Fuck their human rights, they’re not human.”

Former BBC commentator under fire for her honest Facebook rant about “dirty, filthy Paki Rotherham (Muslim paedophile sex gang) bastards”


Over the past month her Facebook status’ have included a number of controversial comments about the Pakistani and Muslim community. One included: “Being British isn’t about what color or religion you are. It’s how you treat your neighbor. “How you respect one another, how you integrate, respect and embrace each other’s cultures
“It’s NOT about hard line radical retarded extremists who try to infiltrate our schools and prey on our children. “It’s not about sending your wife out looking like Darth fekin Vader and trying to change our country into the shit forsaken desert you came from. “So please do us all a favor, come here and be BRITISH and if thats too much for you, please do fuck off.”

Thanks to Barenaked Islam

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