They kill and die to make Allah's religion victorious…

The world belongs to Allah and his profit:

Westerners must leave Muslim lands if they want to safeguard themselves against terrorist attacks, says the Sydney leader of the global Islamic group Hizb ut-Tahrir, Wassim Doureihi.

wassim_wideweb__430x245However, Western countries that try to stop the Mohammedan invasion, the “hijra”, are comitting a heinous crime that causes war for which the infidels are responsible. Infidels have no right to live in Muslim countries, but Mohammedans are by the law of allah obliged to migrate and settle in the dar al-harb, in order to make the world Islamic.

From the Religion of Peace:

Allah and Ali at Yale  (National Review)

It is not the role of Yale university to defend the Islamic religion.

Islamic Caliphate Coming to You  (Molschky)

The caliphate is swelling while Western leaders kick the can down the road.

Four New Jihadist Groups Planning Islamic Caliphate – Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Southern Philippines

Denmark Imams ‘Too Fearful’ to Condemn ISIS…

They are not “too fearful” to condemn anything that stands in the way of the Islamic expansion project. After all, the religion commands them to kill and die  to make ‘allah’s’ religion victorious over all others….

Muslims from across the world are appealing to Muslims across the world to join the jihad, but Obama says that the Islamic State has nothing to do with Islam. Help us… (Pamela)

Syrian Rebels Sign Pact with Islamic State…

They are not ‘rebels’, they are all the same headbangers and headchoppers…..

UK MPs Ignored Rotherham Abuses for Muslim Votes…

The political whores who inflicted, aided and abetted the Mohammedan rape jihad against the infidel British girls should be hanged in public.

Asleep in Rotherham  (Trevor Blake)

A local writer expresses the frustration many are feeling with a system that all but invited Muslim men to rape children.

Islamic State Boasts 31,000 Terrorists…

…and hundreds of millions from around the world support them.

Another non-Muslim woman marries a Muslim man, and the result is more savagery, more murder, more death because of Islam.  (Pamela Geller)
“For an American president to avert his eyes from the religious (Islamic) roots of ISIS is a form of political myopia with potentially ominous consequences for Americans who have just commemorated the Al Qaeda-inflicted catastrophe now…
 Dumber than dirt:

Leftists, collectivists, and race-baiters are consistently on the side of evil. It’s astonishing.  (Geller)

2 thoughts on “They kill and die to make Allah's religion victorious…”

  1. If Muslims are demanding that non-Muslims leave “Muslim” lands – and this demand has been imposed on, for example, the Assyrian Christians and Yazidis who represent, in fact, the *pre-Islamic pre-Arab INDIGENES* of mesopotamia – then I think Infidel-majority countries have the right to demand that the Muslims be evicted from *their* turf.

    No Aussie soldiers in Afghanistan, for example? Fine! We’ll leave that hellpit – with pleasure. But then we’ll shut the doors of our own country tight against entry of *any* ‘soldiers of allah’ and their camp followers from Muslim Afghanistan.

  2. UK MPs Ignored Rotherham Abuses for Muslim Votes…

    “It has emerged Labour Members of Parliament in the North of England may have conspired to ignore the abuse of young girls by Pakistani grooming gangs because of the “vast reservoirs” of votes the “Kashmiri Muslim” community afforded them, and that crucial detailed evidence about the scandal has “disappeared” from archives.”

    What Kashmiri Muslims!

    The same ones who kicked the Kashmiri Hindus out of the state of Kashmir in India?

    What are they doing in UK?

    They have a whole Islamic State in India for themselves.

    “The political whores who inflicted, aided and abetted the Mohammedan rape jihad against the infidel British girls should be hanged in public.”

    I agree.

    The aiding and abetting ones are worse than the doing ones.

    Kashmiri Muslims-they are suppose to be “moderate”

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