We're All Islamophobes — Until the Next Attack

While they turn our children into sex-slaves and murder non-Muslims around the world in the millions, our first and foremost concern should be “Islamophobia”, which might lead to some kind of “backlash”, and that would be “counterproductive” and might make us “unsafe”, or something…..

This is the shocking level of power, courtesy of our progressive brethren and their media enablers, that now resides in a single word: Islamophobia. ...

“So now, in the new multiculti Britain, the child sex trade is back, as part of the rich, vibrant tapestry of diversity – along with Jew-hate, and honor killings, and decapitation porn. The solutions to the internal contradictions of multiculturalism are (a) David Cameron’s expanded security state; (b) Afsun Qureshi’s universal prostration before Islam; or (c.) an end to mass Muslim immigration. The last is too obvious for any viable western politician ever to propose it.” –Mark Steyn, August 29

Genocidal Muslim Leader Who Called for Mass Murder Says Muslims Join ISIS Because They Are “Marginalized”

When Koranimals are not in a position to rule over the hated kuffars, allah’s natural order is out of whack. That’s what  “marginalised” means.

GhannouchiThe poor homicidal maniacs. If only they weren’t “marginalized”. That’s the problem according the Tunisian Ennahda leader, Sheikh Rashid Al-Ghannushi. His Tunisian Islamists have been some of the biggest beneficiaries of the Arab Spring.

To the applause of the media. Now the media is eager to hear the old monster’s thoughts on why Muslim terrorists kill people.(Daniel Greenfield)

Popular UK Muslim:

“If Britain follows the United Snakes of America in their attack against the Islamic State, the U.K. will become a very unsafe place.”

 Here is a Western Muslim, born and raised in the UK, making the case for the Islamic State, the sharia, the slaughter — all of it. There are millions in the West they think like Mr. Abdul Haqq, nee Anthony Small. How is the British government going to “de-radicalize” these Muslims?   (Pamela Geller)

Judea is the Jewish homeland. Jew-dea. Get it?

The world is spinning out of control and the only action Hussein Obama can take is against Israel. Apparently the Islamic Jew-hatred he was taught in quran class as a boy has left its mark.


Judea is the Jewish homeland. Jew-dea. Get it? The Jews are the indigenous people.  As for a two-state solution, there are already two states: Israel and Jordan. The Muslims are going to have to accept it, already. Stop killing, start living.

The PuffHo doesn’t get it:

The HuffPo is disproportionately showing its hatred toward Israel.

The website is doing its part to prove Matti Friedman right–ISRAELLYCOOL.COM

Hundreds of millions for Islamic BS propaganda, not one cent for the victims of jihad

How can anyone not like Islamic head choppers?

Norwegian State TV “failed to distinguish war propaganda and verifiable information” from HamasNorwegian State TV “failed to distinguish war propaganda and verifiable information” from Hamas

(Some people call it “Pallywood“) Via 10news.dk, translated from Aftenposten: After several hours of discussion, the Broadcasting Council decided to criticise  NRK’s (Norwegian State Broadcasting) Middle East coverage. … After several hours of discussion the council came to the conclusion that NRK has not been critical enough concerning Hamas, and that they have failed to […]Continue Reading »


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  1. islamophobia(awareness of it) is giving way to islamonausea(just absolutely sick of it).


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