Who's Idea Was It To Put Mohammedans in Charge of Child Protection?

Paul Weston: Where are the Politicians on Rotherham’s 1400 Child Rape Victims?

PAUL WESTON of LibertyGB vilifies officials, police, and the media for refusing to call the proliferation of Muslim rape gangs a “Muslim” problem (BNI)

Where are UKIP, Labour, the Tories and Liberal Democrats on the Muslim grooming gang issue? Liberty GB is the only party talking about this atrocity, and why it happens – Islam, Muhammed and the Quran.

Its not about culture, its about an invasion by Mohammedan savages:

“… cultural issues around the way politics are done in the Asian community  have to change…” From the Telegraph

“This is happening all over the country – it isn’t just peculiar to Rotherham”

Putting Mohammedan headbangers like  Javed Khan in positions of authority, allowing Mohammedan savages and perverts to turn child protection into child exploitation is the bottom of the pits. The time for TV discussions and PC BS is over; heads must roll, literally.  The MOSQUETEERS behind these rapists need to be named and shamed, rounded up and shipped out to a desert from which there is no return…….

 FBI Reports Omits Islamic Extremists Devout Muslims From List -Rise Of Islamic Extremism – F&F

# Mass Tea Party thanks to Mullah, pbuh

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