"A terrible slaughter is coming. If ISIL take the city, we should expect to have 5,000 dead within 24 hours"

“Colossal explosions in Kobani”

ISIS Dares Turkey to Save Kobani

Turkish leaders say they won’t let Kobani fall to the Islamic State. But they haven’t joined the effort to stop the devout Muslim extremist terrorists either.

As Turkey equivocates, the fighting continues and the fate of Kobani hangs in the balance. On Monday, Jeffrey Goldberg spoke with Rooz Bahjat, a Kurdish intelligence official, who gave this chilling prediction: “A terrible slaughter is coming. If they take the city, we should expect to have 5,000 dead within 24 or 36 hours.”The official added that, as of yesterday, he believed 50,000 civilians remain in the town.

“Hell is unfolding”

The Daily Mail has lots of pictures


Turkey Kurds: Kobane protests leave 19 dead

At least 19 people have been killed in clashes involving Kurdish protesters in Turkey, reports say. They are unhappy at Turkish inaction in defending the town of Kobane in Syria from an attack by Islamic State (IS) militants.

sinai-is-jihadis-behead-captives-8.10.2014Sinai Jihadi Group Beheads 3 Accused of Being ‘Spies of the Jews’

Jews. Not ‘Zionists’, as they always claim…


Nigeria: Devout Muslims of Boko Haram Torch 185 Churches 

Where is the international condemnation of this? Where is the outrage? Where are the moderate Muslims protesting against Boko Haram and working to expunge the quran of the texts that justify these atrocities?

boko-haram_3016074b“Nigeria: Boko Haram Torch 185 Churches in Captured Towns of Borno and Adamawa,” by Jack Moore, International Business Times, October 6, 2014: (See more at: Pamela Geller)

More cultural enrichment here:

More from the Religion of Peace

The Kosovo Boy Who Grew Up to Be a Suicide Bomber  (BBC)

A cultural (non-devout) Muslim family can’t keep their son from finding and acting on real Islam.

Hollywood’s Clueless Apologist  (Pajamas Media)

Ben Affleck memorized his lines, but couldn’t improvise without a script.

Muslim Persecution of Christians: May, 2014  (Raymond Ibrahim)

The monthly roundup offers compelling details about the conditions under which Meriam Ibrahim was kept in the Sudan.

Who Does Turkey Support?  (Gatestone)

“To finish off the jihadists who have captured large swathes of land in Iraq and Syria, Washington will now work with the man who until recently funded and reinforced these same jihadists.”

Facts Make Ben Affleck Very Angry!  (Chicago Now)

Aside from a very dim understanding of the difference between people and ideas, the Hollywood actor isn’t aware that polls support the widespread acceptance of intolerant views among Muslims.

Without the Will to Fight  (Belfast Telegraph)

“IS has us beaten for we don’t have will to face jihadis who beheaded Alan Henning.”

Islam at War with World’s Oldest Religions  (INN)

Those ‘co-exist’ bumper stickers don’t mean much to ISIS.

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  1. This is Erdogan’s wet dream. However, he’s going to sh*t bricks when IS beheads him and invades Istanbul and the capital.

  2. The Turks want ISIS to do all the heavy lifting to reestablish the caliphate.
    The Turks are the ones funding ISIS by buying up all their stolen oil.
    The Turks should be kicked out of NATO, and then NATO should attack Turkey!

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