'Disturbing Extremism'

Canada Worries as Extremism Islam Lures More Abroad

Nothing to do with Islam, of course….@ New York Times

Muselmama excels in grievance mongering:

Muslims are now suffering more racist abuse than after the September 11 and Bali terrorist attacks– More on the mum at Central Coast Gosford Express Advocate, thanks to Mullah, pbuh

“Muslims were terrorised”– Perth rally against Islamophobia

Soundbites from the Perth rally against Islamophobia last weekend.

Murray St Mall 18 October 2014. Speakers included: a representative from the Islamic Council of WA, Kamala Emanuel, Nicole Culbung, Victoria Martin-Iverson, Farida Iqbal, Dave Fox.   You might need a stiff drink if you manage to listen to this shiite….See More

No Islamophobia rally against acid attacks in Iran:

A series of acid attacks on women in the historic Iranian city of Isfahan has raised fears….
FIRST PICTURES OF  MUSLIM SHOOTER AND INCREDIBLE NEWS! Muslim convert who shot dead Canadian soldier is the privately-educated son of country’s immigration chief and has links to Syrian terrorist claims friend from mosque ! WHY ARE WE NOT SURPRISED? Visit http://goo.gl/rrwz3n.

Globe and Mail headline:

Suspected killer in Ottawa shootings had a disturbing side

You don’t say. (Tim Blair)

The deadly price of betrayal.


Mark Steyn, author of “The Undocumented Mark Steyn”, argued that homegrown terrorism and the rise of Islamic radicalism are aided by the vacuum left by modern multiculturalism on Wednesday’s “Your World with Neil Cavuto” on the Fox News Channel.

Video below the fold.

“The modern multicultural state is nothing, it’s a nullity, it’s a hole and so people go looking for identity, and some of them find it in relatively benign things like saving the planet through climate change and other cockamamie global warming theories, and other people just follow Justin Bieber, but a percentage of people, when they go looking for identity find it in this planetary-wide Islamic imperialism.”

Commenting on the shooting in Ottawa earlier that day, and President Obama’s declaration that “we have to remain vigilant when it comes to dealing with these kinds of acts of senseless violence or terrorism.” Steyn stated, “the euphemisms we take refuge in are becoming more and more absurd. It is not senseless violence. When a man at the National War Memorial…puts a bullet at point blank range into a Canadian solider…that is an assault on the Canadian state.”  And “it is not senseless. It is not shooting up a liquor store. Why is the president of the United States talking complete [nonsense] about this every time he is asked about it?”

When asked what he believes should be done if it is later determined that the shootings in Ottawa were the result of Islamic radicalism, he said “I think we need to wage war on the ideology…if you don’t fight the ideology, if you’re not combatting the ideology, if every time they chop the head off a US citizen or British subject, President Obama and David Cameron are going on TV and saying ‘oh, it has nothing do with Islam,’ as if they’re the world’s greatest Koranic scholars and they know Islam better than the guys do in the western desert in Iraq, unless you’re willing to address this honestly, and not call it senseless violence like a liquor store shooting and someone gets killed in the crossfire, you’re part of the problem. Calling it senseless violence is part of the problem.”

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