Do-gooder beheaded

Robert Spencer:

Islamic State beheads British aid worker who thought his work for Muslim charity would save him

Alan Henning thought his work for a Muslim charity would save him from the Islamic State. This is one of the fundamental fallacies of the West’s entire approach to the global jihad. Western analysts and policymakers persist in the delusion that their concessions and acts of kindness will meet with reciprocal acts of kindness from Islamic supremacists and jihadists. This is not, in fact, the case. Instead, they’re just seen as signs of weakness, and regarded with contempt.

Andrew Bolt

Another aid worker beheaded
imageHuman beings do not come more depraved than this – to behead people bringing charity:

British aid convoy volunteer Alan Henning has been beheaded by an Islamic State militant in a video posted on the internet

Mr Henning, a 47-year-old former taxi driver, was captured by militants last December while delivering aid in Syria…

At the end of the video another hostage – a former US soldier – is paraded in front of the cameras.

The hostage is believed to be Peter Edward Kassig who had returned to the region as a charity worker, after serving in Iraq in 2007.

The militant in the video says Mr Kassig will be the next victim.

But remember that Greens leader Christine Milne has a solution: 

And everybody recognises that the only way you’ll even get to a solution is to have a political solution both in Iraq and in Syria. Military intervention isn’t going to secure that. If you want to stop ISIL, the first thing you have to do is cut off the supplies getting to them…

Stop knives and aid workers getting to them? And then chat to the Islamic State about their political objectives?

ISIL Message to Davoud Camoron:

“The blood of David Haines was on your hand, Cameron. Alan Henning will also be slaughtered, but his blood is on the hands of British parliament.”


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  1. The Australian Goverment should appoint Christine Milne to act as our
    special envoy for peace in the Middle East and send her over there with a few of the Greens to meet the leaders of IS. With a bit of luck they might actually click.

  2. Yes – Christine Milne – is an Excellent Choice – perhaps we will NEVER See you (never again) Christine.
    Missy Christine you really deserve (and non-Muhammadan Australians really want this for you) Your New Appointment as Australia’s “Special Envoy for Peace in The Middle East” to be head chopped.

    Yippeeees – another Dhimmi down and gone – and with no life long incarceration expenses for non-Muhammadan Australians.

    Hey Missy Christine ….
    – take that “DHIMMI THING” Sarah Hanson-Young with you as your “Associate to also be head chopped“.
    Thanks Love.

  3. Just now? Thought the area’s being bombed those hostages must be in the desert! Interesting!

  4. This is barbaric needs stopping sorg this out now or people who really need help will not get it because caring people like Aln will stop going and then what ?????

  5. Discusting barbaric not what God Allah johovah!!! whoever you believe in would not want this. .. somebody’s father son daughter mother I just want every one of these idiots to go home..

  6. The west should put the Ebola virus in spray cans and while these fuckwits are pointing their arses toward Mecca spray them and then watch them slowly die!!!!!! Shame on the politicians for putting these scumbags before their own people. And that greenie idiot, lead the way bitch! See how far your goody pathetic ideas get you!! I’m sure they’ll shake your hand before they knife you. I’m thinking a nice nuclear bomb would do the trick!! Aussie all the way!! And muslims can take their Islam and fuck off from the west!! WAKE UP WESTERN WORLD!!!!!!

    1. Naomi Wolff. When she doesn’t look at her vagina or fantasises about sex under the burqa she spins conspiracy tales.

  7. Once white folks stop going around the world colonizing people of color and taking their gold, diamonds and oil. In the name of religion or democracy ; We cannot continue to live and war under this misnomer When the real heart felt work is trying to be done by good white folks they are not trusted, this is the results.

  8. this picture should not be on Facebook, please give his family dignity😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠

  9. For the Rusian failure to act decently toward Ukraine or with us:
    “Yowvon payvon,kamerade Sikkom Sinn Oedipus Rex”,partly in phonetic Russian instead of the Cyrillic ;”One beer,comrade waiter son of a bitch, and Oedipus Rex is plain enough,it’s it?Should be,anyway.

  10. Islam is a false religion. You people are serving Satan. Allah is Satan himself – “the greatest of deceivers”. Mohammad was a false prophet, who was demon possessed, a child molester, a pedophile and nothing more than a con-artist.
    You Muslims have been brain washed. 72 virgins upon your death…it’s a lie. You will burn in Hell for eternity unless you accept Jesus Christ as you’re savior. Jesus is Lord. Praise Jehovah God. Isaac was the chosen son, not Ishmael.

  11. Islam will produce the anti-christ mentioned in the book of Revelation. This anti Christ will be defeated and cast into the lake of fire. Jesus is THE Christ, the Son of the living God.

  12. Allah is Satan – “the greatest of deceivers”. Mohammad was a demon possessed child molesting false prophet.
    Jesus Christ is The Only Way To Heaven. Islam is a false religion. Muslims who follow the satanic book, the Qur’an, have been brain washed by Satan.

  13. The only good Muslim is a dead Muslim. You can’t reason with them. All they understand is violence and death. I say, give it to them!

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