"Fox News stoking the flames of hate against Muslims"

“Call me Muhammad”

JahKeemYisrael2-300x224Islamo-bullshitter Dean Obeidallah dumps a steaming pile of taqiyya  “workplace related violence” over the beheading of Colleen Hufford, 54, and the stabbing of Traci Johnson, 43. Nolen was shot by off-duty officer Mark Vaughan, who was working at the business.

Here’s what Obeidallah would have you believe:

“… the local District Attorney had recently stated that Nolan’s killing appeared to be motivated by racial issues and revenge, not religion. ..”

Here’s what motivated ‘Muhammad’:

“Witnesses advised that Nolen had become aggressive and belligerent to other employees and wanted others to call him ‘Muhammad’,” records show…

Islamic State keeps expanding. Our war isn’t working

When the US claims to lead an international coalition comprising British, Canadian, Australian, European and Arab states against the Islamic State, you’d expect results better than this:

Islamic State militants have taken control of key cities in Iraq’s western province of Anbar and have begun to besiege one of the country’s largest military bases in a weeklong offensive that’s brought them within artillery range of Baghdad. (More by Andrew Bolt)

U.S. tax dollars pay for “U.S. mosque security”

Over 80% of the mosques in the US teach, preach and advance jihad.

Is the Islamic State Islamic?

Everything ISIS does is based on the Quran and the sunna, the sayings and traditions of Muhammad, which Muslims consider holy. Muhammad declared unending war against unbelievers in the 7th century, and since then Islam has been at war against the world.


The fact that so many so-called moderate Muslims are averse to telling the truth about Islam (truth-telling should be Step One in the process of trying to change it) is a huge part of the problem.–Brian Lilley: “Call It What It Is–Islamic Terrorism”

Tiny minority of excremists protests against ISIS (or something…)

Shocked that there were even that many. (BNI)


This one a Nigerian Air Force Officer by Islamic terror group Boko Haram (Barenaked Islam)


“So you were sent to kill Boko Haram? And you are serving the state instead of Allah? We are members of Jama’atu Ahlis Sunna Lidda’awati Wal-Jihad and Allah has given us an infidel today,” one of the Islamist sect’s leaders said in the video.

Moscow bans Islamic sacrifice ritual for Eid World Bulletin

The sale and slaughter of sacrificial animals will be banned in Moscow during the Eid holiday.

Muslims in Moscow in recent years have had to resort to praying their Eid prayers in public squares with prior permission from the local authorities. In total, around 23 million Muslims live in Russia, making it the country’s second largest religion with 15% of the overall population of 145 million.

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