Islam Will Take Over World in a Decade

No shiite. I’m certain that Hussein Obama will not stand in their way.

 “The countdown has begun to the great battle with the infidels around the world.” …

2014-10-03_10-39-31-560x356Ahmad Badran, an imam and educator from the Galilee Arab village of Jatt, called on Muslims to condemn the actions of the Western “infidels.”

 Islam Will Take Over World in a Decade

In a sermon given Saturday at a local mosque, Badran said that no Muslim could stand aside and watch as the “enemies of Islam attack our land. Our Muslim brothers are accused of terror and attacking America,” but really it is the US and its allies who are attacking “our brave Muslim brothers.”

“There is no difference between the countries that are attacking us and the countries that are not attacking us,” he added. “For us, there is no difference between Australia, Sweden, Japan, Russia, or the US. They are all one army united against Islam.

Muslims in Denmark hide behind “democracy and freedom” to built mosques

Acceptance or Domination?

“It is no longer just a question of mosque or no mosque, we are talking about the acceptance of the Muslim minority,” Sami Saidana, the chairman of Aarhus’ Federation of Islamic Associations (FIF), which has led the campaign, told Al Jazeera.

  • Long fight for Denmark mosque rages on
  • Despite 14-year struggle for a new mosque in the second-largest city, new roadblocks are erected at every turn.

A woman holds an anti-Islamic banner during a demonstration of “right-wing protesters” in Aarhus in 2012 [Reuters]

Aarhus, Denmark – Muslims living in one of Denmark’s most deprived housing projects say they are being marginalised and made to feel unwelcome in their own community amid fears that their 14-year fight for a mosque could be derailed by political wrangling over an ambitious regeneration plan for the area.

Residents in Gellerup, a suburb of Aarhus, Denmark’s second city, have been campaigning since 2000 for the right to build a mosque in their neighbourhood. They say it would serve not only the needs of a growing Muslim population but also as a “beacon of hope”, a bulwark against extremism and a symbol of their acceptance as Danish citizens.

But their aspirations have been repeatedly stalled by political opposition to the project. Now those behind the latest proposal say that promises made by politicians and city officials that a fresh application to buy land for a mosque would be treated favourably have been broken following objections by right-wing parties on the local council.

On Wednesday, Metin Aydin, the architect working on the mosque design, told Al Jazeera he had withdrawn from the project in protest at the failure of local leaders to deliver on commitments they had made to the Muslim community.

“I think what has happened has been disgraceful,” he said. “I am done with working on a project that is not reality. As long as this political circus is going on, there is no chance of realising anything.”

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  1. In ten years?

    How does he propose to conquer China, within ten years?? Last time I looked, the Uighur Muslims didn’t seem to be making much headway.

    And a propos that bit of news from Denmark…it’s nice to see the local Infidels putting up a bit of a fight.

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