Mad Cow Disease in Perth

From the Q-Society, Facebook Page

The Abbott government have been lashing out at Muslims. The last few weeks have seen have seen people’s homes raided, a proposal to ban the burqa, violence against Muslims on the increase and Islamophobic rhetoric gracing the front pages of newspapers every day.

1002382_776630512393750_7264575588597092216_nThe Liberals’ attempts to stoke up fear in Australia are part and parcel of justifying another war in Iraq, and distracting people from the wildly unpopular federal budget.

It’s time to take a stand against racism and show the Liberal government we will not accept this.

Join us for the rally and march through the city.

– No to Islamophobia, no to racism
– No to another war in Iraq
– Defend civil liberties

LOCATION: Murray Street Mall, Perth CBD
DATE: Saturday 18 October
TIME: 1pm

Hug-a-Muslim-1As Tony Abbott makes further gains in the polls, and amidst more ‘terror’ raids in Melbourne this week and a violent racist attack on a woman on a train near Batman station, it’s increasingly clear that Islamophobia is seriously on the rise in Australia again. (More useful idiot excrements @ New Mathilda)


In other news:

Allowing Jews to have access to Jewish holy places is inciting a religious war. Banning Jews from their holy spaces, however, is perfectly fine.–Who wants to start a religious war?

The Progressive Missionaries of Unhappiness

There is no one that the left hates more than a man who does not hate, who goes through the day without outrage and who does not spend his life stewing with vindictive resentments.– Daniel Greenfield