Obama's 'Larger Role'



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Islamic State jihadists using U.S. tents in jihad training camp

Your tax dollars at work. The foolish and wrongheaded venture of arming “vetted moderates” against the Islamic State is inevitably going to result in this, either because of those “moderates”‘ ineptitude or their complicity. “Islamic State terrorists using U.S. tents in jihad training camp,” by Cheryl K. Chumley, The Washington Times, October 14, 2014: A […]Continue Reading »

US “ally” Turkey bombs Kurds opposed to the Islamic StateUS “ally” Turkey bombs Kurds opposed to the Islamic State

The old Cold War web of alliances is badly outdated. Rapidly re-Islamizing Turkey is no friend of the United States. But to admit the patently obvious reality would be “Islamophobic.” Turkey wants to take advantage of the chaos to reestablish its own caliphate, and for that goal the Islamic State may be useful. “Mideast crisis [ /Comments]Continue Reading »

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  1. Obama is sacrificing the good of the many for the needs of the few – pretending that his duty is to protect ALL Americans, including the odd one or two trapped by disease in Africa, even if he has to deliberately endanger ALL the remaining 300+ million Americans back home to do so!

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