"Our" Muslims will never be loyal Australians….

Andrew Bolt

When did we last have immigrants warning we’d lose their loyalty in a foreign conflict?

In past wars we’ve been assured that immigrants from the lands we’re fighting in are loyal to their new country. The internment of so-called “alien immigrants” has been ritually denounced as an absurd and offensive overreaction.

941654-38e4a3ee-f601-11e3-9b4b-c275dbac2021But many Muslim spokesmen now don’t assure us of the loyalty of their followers but warn of – or threaten – the very opposite. As I wrote a month ago:

On Wednesday, we woke up to news of another Islamic State beheading, this time of Stephen Sotloff…

And that very day Muslim leaders again put out a statement condemning … Tony Abbott.

Continued below the fold….

ISIS fighters ‘repugnant to Islam’, Muhammad show tells Calgary audience

Islamo-BS propaganda on steroids:

 Organizers hope “The Astonishing Story of the Prophet” will remind non-Muslims that the vast majority of Islam’s adherents do not share the radical views espoused by ISIS. …   More on the false prophet and his assorted followers (or not, or something) at CBC News, thanks to Mullah, pbuh

Young NSW is the unofficial Muslim Sharia capital of the outback

Mohammad Carson, formerly Thomas Carson, says he believes sharia law should be enacted globally, that the September 11 attacks were a conspiracy and “had nothing to do with Islam”, that Osama bin Laden was trained by the CIA, and that anyone “stealing a phone” should have their hand cut off. …  More ‘nothing to do with Islam’ conspiracy BS by Taylor Auerbach @ The Daily Telegraph, Mullah….

Continued: treacherous Koranimals Downunder:

This time, it was from the Australian National Imams Council… Again, it blamed the West for jihadism: “One of the main causative factor (sic) for local radicalisation in the West has been the western governments’ military involvement in the Middle East.”…

And there was this warning: “If the Australian Government is serious about reducing the terror threat locally, then it must review its foreign policy decisions with regard to this region.”…

That sounds like an outrageous threat. Name one other ethnic or religious group here that warns Australia to change its foreign policies or face violence from its members.

In New Zealand, too:

[The] secretary of the International Muslim Association of New Zealand, Tahir Nawaz, said sending the SAS to Iraq would be a bad idea.

We are a very good community here, we are very co-operative. Once New Zealand troops are sent there, our public attitude could change. At the end of the day there would be people living here whose roots are in the countries where New Zealand would send the troops.”

Secretary of the Federation of Islamic Associations of New Zealand, Tony Green, who is based in Christchurch, said the United States invasion of Iraq created the conditions that gave rise to IS and further western intervention would only make things worse…

“That potentially fuels things because the whole martyr kind of scenario that’s been painted by the groups calling themselves IS, that would fan the flames more than anything.”

Another Christchurch Muslim, who asked not to be named, said sending troops to Iraq would play into the hands of IS.

“If you look at what came out of America going into Iraq, it didn’t bring anything good. I personally think that it can be used for the evil people to radicalise people and use it for their own purpose.”

Has any other immigrant group issued such warnings against presuming they will stay loyal in a foreign conflict?

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  1. If Koran (jihadist killing manuals) teaches Muslims from childhood to kill infidels that is not a religion but a TERRORIST ORGANIZATION

  2. When will we all wake up? Muslims are In Australia like all Western countries for only one reason. To conquer non Muslims and make Australia an Islamic country. We are at War and as such should treat all Muslims as the Enemy. Muslims should be Deported or Interned for the safety of us all. All Muslims should be treated as Liars and Deceivers unless they speak up and act in the Harshest way possible against their Bullshit Religion. Even if this happens, I would still never trust a Muslim. DEPORT, DETAIN or DEATH.

  3. islam should be baan from entire world as japan and bhotan are peace full country after baaning islam

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