Oz Muslims "terrorised by ASIO"

Islamic State calls for spontaneous attacks against Australians and citizens of other ‘crusader nations’

“Every Muslim should get out of his house, find a crusader and kill him … Secrecy should be followed when planning and executing any attack. …

The Islamic State group has made a fresh pitch to followers to carry out spontaneous “lone wolf” attacks against Australians and citizens of other “crusader nations”.

“The citizens of crusader nations should be targeted wherever they can be found.”

Let’s all promote the caliphate with our taxes

 Hizb ut-Tahrir ensure us that establishing a world-wide caliphate “does not necessarily mean war”. We could just surrender peacefully….

Hard left, all the time:

After seeing how some journalism lecturers have preached wild diatribes against Andrew Bolt and Murdoch papers, this doesn’t come as any surprise, unfortunately: How universities teach tomorrow’s journalists to be good Leftist haters

Slowly, slowly the Left’s stranglehold on state education is being relaxed – but only very slightly….

`We’re being terrorised by ASIO,’

It couldn’t be any other way:

AUSTRALIA’S peak counter-terrorism intelligence agency is monitoring up to a dozen young Islamic men associated with Melbourne terror-suspect Numan Haider.

Jews should help Muslims solve their problems 

(JPost) European Jews should halt their flight and work with local Muslim to solve the issues facing their communities, a Muslim member of the European Parliament told The Jerusalem Post on Friday.
o-ANTI-MUSLIM-AD-570MEP Afzal Khan, a Paki-born Muslim who represents northwest England in Brussels, said that Jews should not give up on Europe despite rises in anti-Semitism in recent years and especially this summer, when Muslim youth angry over Israel’s military conflict with Hamas attacked Jewish targets throughout the continent.

Muslim women scared to go outdoors in climate of hate


Climate Change?

Islamo agitprop Mariam Veiszadeh had dealings with the NSW Police Force, but she wasn’t dealt with:

Incidents of Islamophobia are plainly on the rise but the authorities would tell you otherwise.

Having recently set up Islamophobia Register Australia to collate reports of anti-Muslim sentiments, I have had dealings with members of the NSW Police Force. …

More on making up BS-stories and following the false prophet at Canberra Times thanks to Mullah, pbuh


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  1. Bring it on, Muslim vermin. The US has, at last estimate, 310,000,000 guns and billions of rounds of ammunition. And, that’s just in the hands of private civilians. So, vermin, what are you waiting for?

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