"You're allowed to wear a full-faced covering into Parliament if you're a Muslim woman, but no other group is allowed to have that same privilege"– Sergio Redegalli

by Christina McIntosh

One of these three men being the redoubtable Sergio Redegalli whose “Say No to Burkas”mural in Sydney – defiantly painted on the wall of his studio, within clear view of many of the commuter trains that rattle in and out of central Sydney every day – has become something of a local cause celebre.

As reported by Simon Cullen of Australia’s ABC, this morning.

“Men Wearing Ku Klux Klan Outfit, Motorbike Helmet, and Niqab Try to Enter Parliament House in Canberra”.

‘A group of men wearing a Ku Klux Klan outfit, a motorbike helmet, and a Muslim niqab have tried to enter Parliament House in Canberra, to argue in favour of a nationwide ban on the burqa.

I agree with them.  The Muslim female slave  mask – whether burqa or niqab, both of which wholly conceal the face, with the eyes visible only from behind fine mesh or net (burqa) and through a narrow letterbox slit (niqab) – is not only a health-and-safety risk to the wearer (who runs the risk of developing severe Vitamin D deficiency and cannot drive or walk safely because of the limiting of peripheral vision) but is also an obvious security risk because it permits persons to go about in public without being readily identifiable.  It has therefore, on more than one occasion, been used both by criminals – to foil both eyewitness and CCTV identification – and by escaping male jihadis. And for those two reasons it should, I think, be banned.  – CM

‘They were met by a security official outside the building, who advised the men that the helmet and the KKK hat were not allowed inside.

‘He told the protester wearing the niqab that his face would have to be revealed during the normal security screening process.

‘The media was unable to witness the security process, but all three men emerged without their head coverings.

“It seems that you’re allowed to wear a full-faced covering into Parliament if you’re a Muslim woman, but no other group is allowed to have that same privilege”, Sergio Redegalli told reporters.

“We, as males, are not allowed to wear any face coverings in Parliament House.”

Under new Parliament House security rules, Muslim women wearing a burka are allowed inside once they have shown their face at the normal security checkpoint.

‘Speaker Bronwyn Bishop last week backed down from a plan to force Muslim women wearing the burka to sit behind glass enclosures when in the parliamentary chamber.

The backdown was foolish. The original idea was foolish also, because what should have been imposed from the start was a flat ban on the wearing in public of all forms of the Muslim female Slave Mask, period, anywhere in Australia.  Wherever, in public or private non-Muslim space in non-Muslim lands, non-Muslims normally encounter one another with uncovered faces, Muslim females must be required to also go with faces uncovered. – CM

‘Today’s protest was organised by a group called “Faceless”.

‘Mr Redegalli said it was “fantastic” that they were not allowed inside the building with facial coverings, but argued it should be applied to everyone.

Yes. There should be no special concessions made to Muslims qua Muslims. – CM

“The next time, the next group of people that go to any security point to be asked to identify themselves – it may be too late because they’re already in Parliament,” he said.  “No-one should be walking up the [parliamentary] forecourt or in the public domain hidden from sight”.

“It is not the first time the group has pulled a similar stunt.

To make a similar point, which requires to be made, repeatedly, until our politicians get a clue, and get the point. – CM

‘In 2012 Faceless members walked through the Sydney CBD to “test security” at various buildings, including the New South Wales Parliament.

‘It caused tension between local Muslim groups.

Everything involving the tiniest smidgen of resistance to or criticism of the Religion of Perpetual Outrage seems to cause “tension”. – CM

‘A number of federal Coalition MPs – including Liberal senator Cory Bernardi – have been pushing for a ban on the burka inside Parliament House, arguing there are security and identity issues with the facial covering.

‘In 2011, Senator Bernardi praised Mr Redegalli – who was, today, wearing the KKK outfit – as a “friend” and someone who has become “an eloquent spokesman for freedom of speech”.

Which he is.  A migrant to Australia from Italy, he is an asset to the country; the late Oriana Fallaci would have been more than proud to hail him as an honor to the nation of his birth, she who famously, in the course of an interview with the sinister Ayatollah Khomeini, tore off the chador that she had been forced to put on before the interview, and threw it on the ground in a gesture of anger and utter contempt. – CM

“I happen to agree with Mr Redegalli that the burka has no place in Australia”, Senator Bernardi said in 2011.

And it does not. – CM

“I consider it a security risk and a symbol of repression and Islamic fundamentalism.

“Many Muslims [and opinion polls suggest a vast majority of other Australians] agree with me.”

“Many Muslims…agree with me…”.  Yes, there are Muslim females who are more discreet or less blatant or prefer not to confront kaffir sensibilities so obviously; who are content to declare their allegiance to the Mohammedan Mob, their submission to the Sharia of Islam and commitment to the Islamic goal of the global imposition of the Sharia, merely by wearing the Slave Hood, the head-bag which conceals all of a woman’s hair, and also her ears and neck, but leaves her face visible.  Analogically-speaking,the difference between Slave Hood and Slave Mask is sort of like the difference between a neo-nazi who merely flaunts a Swastika armband or badge, versus one who struts down the street in full SS or Gestapo uniform.  The framing of the wearer of the “milder” forms of hijab as “modest”, “clothed” or “covered”, which implicitly frames all unislamically dressed women around her as, by contrast, “uncovered meat”, “naked” women, immodest whores and sluts, still operates. – CM

‘At the time, Mr Redegalli was under attack for painting a “Say no to burkas” mural on his Sydney glass sculpting studio.

‘He made it clear today that he found the KKK outfit offensive, but said he was wearing it to make a point about facial coverings in public.”

There is, of course, the further point he could have made, that for any intelligent non-Muslim who knows about the dhimma system – the degradation, humiliation and perpetual physical peril that is supposed to be imposed and in many places and for very long periods was indeed imposed by Muslims upon all non-Muslims resident within Muslim-dominated lands – the Muslim gang uniform, in its male or its female form, when seen being flaunted in public, is at least as much of an open threat to all free non-Muslims as the display of the KKK costume would have been to any free black person and non-racist white, in the era of Jim Crow.  We rightly shiver, if historically informed, at the sight of the KKK hood and robe; we flinch at the sight of the Gestapo or SS uniform if worn by a declared neonazi; and those of us who know anything at all about the dhimma system and about the sharia of Islam, generally, feel visceral revulsion at the sight of Muslims in their gang uniform, which at bottom – no matter how many sugary puff pieces on the Slave Rag are churned out by our media, and no matter how many dozy bints, Muslim or non-Muslim, warble nonsense about “modesty” and “devotion” and “a woman’s choice” – is the symbol of the totalitarian and oppressive system that they desire and intend to impose upon us all, by main force as and when they are able. – CM

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