Al-Shabab massacres non-Muslims at Kenya quarry

Somali militants Muselmaniacs have killed 36 non-Muslim quarry workers near the north Kenyan town of Mandera.

The modus operandi is the same: the headchoppers separate the Muslims from the non-Muslims and then murder the latter. But al BeBeeCeera doesn’t want you to know that.


Mandera County borders both Somalia and Ethiopia.  Mandera is dominated by Kenyan Somalis, most of whom are Muslims. The attacks will affect the economy and social make-up of the region, as most of its workers – skilled and unskilled – are non-Muslims from other parts of Kenya.

Many of them – including nurses and teachers – fled Mandera after last week’s bus attack, and this trend is now likely to continue.

A presidential adviser, who hails from Mandera, Abdikadir Mohamed, has warned that al-Shabab is trying to fan a religious war.

Columnist On Muslim Brotherhood Website:

Most Of The World’s Muslims Want An Islamic Caliphate
Obama supports the Muslim Brotherhood and deeply damaged our 30-year alliance with Egypt by continuing to strong-arm the Sisi government and the people of Egypt…