“At least 20 Aussies killed” in Syria and Iraq fighting for terrorist groups…

At least 20 Australians killed in Syria and Iraq fighting for terrorist groups, Brandis says (ABC NEWS)

Good Riddance!

It is patently absurd to call these wannabe headchoppers “Aussies”. They might hold Australian passports, but they are nothing but Koranimals who somehow managed to settle behind enemy lines.


Federal Attorney-General George Brandis says “at least 20 Australians” have been killed fighting alongside terrorist groups in Syria and Iraq, and warns that the Islamic State group is using Australians on the frontline as “cannon fodder, bombers and propaganda tools”. 

Senator Brandis said the number of Australians killed had risen in recent weeks and that Western recruits were being duped into thinking they were an important part of a religious crusade.

Brandis would be well advised to call it a jihad, not a “crusade”.

Around 70 Australians are still believed to be fighting in the Middle East while another 20 have returned home.

WTF? Why are we not informed? And why have they not been arrested on arrival?


In other news:

  • Twin sisters who fled Britain to join the Islamic State terror group in Syria have lost their jihadi fighter husbands in battle.-From the Mail on Sunday, thanks to Esmeralda

Among those fighting is Sydney man Mohammad Ali Baryalei, who has been accused of masterminding a plot to kill random members of the public in Sydney and Brisbane, and had recruited dozens of Australians to fight with extremist groups in Iraq and Syria.

There were reports that he had been killed in Syria, but Vice Admiral David Johnston last month said the Australian Defence Force believed it was less than likely that he was dead.

The Government recently introduced a raft of legislation aimed at stopping would-be jihadists from travelling to the Middle East.

The Foreign Fighters Bill passed Parliament in October, making it illegal to travel to areas declared as terrorist zones, without a specific humanitarian or family purpose.

Australians found to be illegally visiting the region could face up to 10 years in prison.

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop used provisions under the recently passed Bill to declare it an offence for Australians to visit the Al-Raqqa province in Syria without a legitimate reason.

Ms Bishop said the province was Islamic State’s de facto capital, and said the terrorist organisation directed many of its operations from the banned region.

“I have today declared Al-Raqqa province an area where a listed terrorist organisation is engaging in hostile activity,” Ms Bishop told Question Time last week.

“This now makes it an offence under Australian law to enter or remain in the province of Al-Raqqa without a legitimate reason.”

The declaration was the first time the new provision has been used to stop foreign fighters travelling to the Middle East to join the terrorist group.

3 thoughts on ““At least 20 Aussies killed” in Syria and Iraq fighting for terrorist groups…”

  1. Only 20 Killed so far, I would have thought / wished for at least double if not triple that. Instead of denying them the chance to let themselves be killed for the benefit of the rest of us, we should be paying for their airfares and express clearance through customs so as they can reach their preferred hell.

  2. Not real Aussies.

    Just terrorists which some do-gooder has provided citizenship to and then allowed them to go killing in foreign lands & expect to get full consular assistance when it all hits the fan somewhere down the track.

    Stuff ’em, I say…

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