Austria: Muslims ‘worried’ as Austrian government demand changes to the Quran

Muslims ‘worried’ as Austrian government demand changes to the Quran

This is an excellent idea. If it flies, it will be the end of Islam in Austria. The Koran will be left with two pages. Or less. (From the Muslim Issue)


Muslims: Forever the provocateur. Forever in your face, wherever they go.

The Austrian government is obviously smarter than the rest of the socialist Europeans. The Austrian government has now banned external foreign funding for mosques and Islamic causes into the country. This is to block Saudi and Qatar genocide ‘donations’ in the name of jihad.

In addition the government now wants all Quran’s to be standardized and translated into German and contain a version that complies with European human rights laws. Teachings and ideals that violate basic human rights have to be removed from the Quran, they argue. Completely decent and right. But unfortunately its not enough and won’t be feasible in the long run. Muslims argue that they want to “change” the Quran to a different version. Now what does that tell us??

What will the Austrian government do when Muslims seek materials from the “authentic” Islam: the Wahhabi Salafi Saudi Islam? How will they block them from acquiring this material from Hajj, from the internet, from postal orders, illegal downloads, etc.? Its unrealistic to allow a religion built on hatred to exist in the first place while banning the fundamental message it stands for and is the core ideals of Islam. What speaker will the Austrian Muslims be able to invite to their mosques that doesn’t teach them how to hate, segregate themselves, or to become fanatic? They’re few and far between and are considered kafirs.

Fact is Sunni’s, the main source of Islamic terrorism, rule Islam. Because the illiterate tribal prophet was born where the present day Saudi Arabia is positioned, Mecca is considered the only authentic authority on Islamic teachings. And they have no desire to turn the Wahhabi Islam into anything democratic. On the contrary, the clerics endlessly whine about the “westernized version of Islam” that is “distorting” Islam to Muslims living abroad.

The solution? Deport all faith observant Muslims. Tear down the mosques, ban Islam like Attaturk did when he realized Islam was a disease that was destroying Turkey. Why would the government want to look for a needle in a haystack and spend bottomless monies on monitoring a 1,400 year problem that never cease? Do they have an endless budget for the spectrum of problems that Muslim immigration is causing? Its cheaper, easier, and safer to permanently remove Muslim immigrants and put a solid ban on Muslim immigration once and for all until Muslim terrorism cease to be a problem in the Arab world.

Stop trading with Muslims, stop investments with and from them, and stop permitting them to acquire residency or citizenship. Put a complete zero tolerance ban on any aid to Muslim countries of any sort, be it military or financial. Stop all oil trade with them and freeze them out, and let them figure out what to do with their behavior and disease in that barren, ugly desert of theirs – as dry and lifeless as they are.

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3 thoughts on “Austria: Muslims ‘worried’ as Austrian government demand changes to the Quran”

  1. “This is an excellent idea. If it flies, it will be the end of Islam in Austria. The Koran will be left with two pages. Or less. (From the Muslim Issue)”

    It’s not going to fly. Islamic doctrine says that you can’t abridge or alter the Quran in any way. That would be sacrilege and would leave the content open to flexible interpretation, which is exactly what Muslims DON’T want. Curious to see how the PC minded are so stupefyingly dumb that they tend to project their wishful thinking on an issue Muslims will never give any ground on.

    It’s like they’re trying to posit the ridiculous notion “Islam can be flexible, and we’re going to prove it, we’ll just have to teach them a thing or two in a respectful manner, and bob’s your uncle. All will be fine.”

    Forget about it !

  2. I have two problems with even trying to integrate Islam into Western societies.

    1. It relies on the assumption that there is ufficient commonality with Islam that an integration is possible – the assumption is wrong

    2. If we succeed in integrating Islam in Western Christian culture, it would be at the expense/death of our culture.

    Integration is not a policy that leads to anything but our own death.

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