Too bad they missed her: 

Oprah Winfrey, her Harpo TV studios, and the landmark Sears Tower were the targets in a thwarted terrorist truck-bomb plot in 2009 masterminded by an illegal alien, an “individual who was waving an Islamic State flag from his car when he was arrested, and two of the FBI’s most wanted terrorists, among others” reports the watchdog group Judicial Watch (JW). Apparently this yet another Islamic terror case law enforcement authorities kept from the American people to protect them from islamophobia, in accordance with President Obama’s domestic blasphemy policy (“do not criticize or offend Islam”). – See more at: Pamela Geller


Oprah targeted in just-revealed 2009 jihad terror plot

UK: Illegal Algerian Muslim who threatened to kill wife and children can’t be deported

And he can’t be deported because of his “right to a family life” — that is, his right to be with the people he threatened to murder. A few British people have stopped by the comments field on various recent Jihad Watch posts to tell me to stop being so hard on the British. I will comply as soon as British authorities stop issuing absurd and suicidal rulings like this one.

The Daily Mail, true to form for all the mainstream media, doesn’t mention that this man is a Muslim, identifying him only as an “Algerian national.” But virtually everyone in Algeria is Muslim, and it is because he is Muslim, not because he is Algerian, that British officials are bending over backwards to accommodate him. (Robert Spencer)

UK: It Was “Racist” to Prosecute Asian Muslim Rape Gangs


Britain’s Birmingham Mail reported last week that Birmingham’s City Council buried a report about Muslim cab drivers exploiting non-Muslim girls back in 1990.

A researcher, Dr. Jill Jesson, drafted a report on this issue. But, she explained, “the report was shelved, buried, it was never made public. I was shocked to be told that copies of the report were to be destroyed and that nothing further was to be said. Clearly, there was something in this report that someone in the department was worried about.”(More)

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  1. Oprah?
    I will never forget the many images of Oprah’s constant fawnings over Odumbo!

    Just as I will never forget the image of George W Bush (Hey Junior) when he replied islam is a religion of peace to a reporter’s question “Is islam a religion of peace?”

    islamophobia – No
    islamonausea – Absolutely

  2. Even now the entire media cannot say Muslim. They would rather be racist and speak of “Asians, thus slandering Hindus, Buddhists and Christians from Asia, then speak the truth. This racism is the worst sort of racism, far worse then being a straightforward racist

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