What? No Race Riots?


Somali Muslim attacks police with knife, meets virgins….
Husum: Police shoots attacker in self-defense

A police officer shot and killed a (Musel-)man in Husum (district of North Friesland). When the African cultural enricher  attacked the officials with a knife , he was shot dead by a policeman. The man died Thursday night from his injuries. “We are looking at  a self-defense situation,” said the spokesman for the prosecutor’s office of Flensburg, Otto Gosch. Preliminary results of the autopsy, the man has been hit by several bullets in the abdomen and bled to death internally. The 24-year-old Somali will be dearly missed by his extended clan in Africa….

In German from PI:

» NDR: Schüsse auf Angreifer wohl aus Notwehr


On Monday night demonstrators from PEGIDA (Patriotische Europäer gegen die Islamisierung des Abendlandes, Patriotic Europeans against the Islamization of…

Hindsight: will African Americans look back one day and say, “We don’t deserve all the blame—he was half-white, remember?”–Dinesh D’Souza

#UK protest planned for #Bristol over Somali sex abuse #RapeJihad
Protest march planned in Bristol in the wake of Somali sex abuse case A GROUP calling themselves The Patriots are planning to hold a march in Bristol early in the…

Burqa Ban Debate Following Brutal Stabbing of American in Abu Dhabi

Too funny: a Palli bomb-thrower sets himself on fire: