Who’s Law is it anyway?

Islam before Australian law

An imam in Rockhampton admits there is no separation of religion and state, and sharia law will be established but lies about the jizzya.

PDLA undercover!

In this footage this Imam clearly states there is no separation between Islam and state. This is a direct statement that Muslims hold Islamic (sharia) law above our democracy and Australia law.

This is why we have Islamic ghettos forming across Australia and should be very concerned, they have no respect for our way of life and will NEVER assimilate with non Muslims.

Islamic ‘Charities” Fund Jihad
In his annual report, President Rateb Jneid of the infamous WA Islamic Council takes pride in funding Al-Imdaad, an Islamic ‘charity’ with reported links to funding supporters of terrorist groups like Hamas. See the last paragraph: http://w See More

UK Taxpayers Funding ‘Charities’ Linked to Terrorist Groups
Clarion Project
Yet, British politicians seem to be trapped in an endless debate over the question of curbing extremism within the Muslim community.
“Outrageous Comments”

Who is ‘outraged?’ Are you outraged?

One thought on “Who’s Law is it anyway?”

  1. Pauline and her …. VERY VERY TRUE …
    Outrageous Comments
    (BUT – only to Muhammadans and Muhammadan Slaves who do not want the islamic truth revealed)

    What a woman – Pauline you have more intestinal fortitude than the majority of Western Politicians or Politicals or Local Government “Whatevers” …..
    and to top it all off you warned Australians about the Assistors and enamblers of islam and the Treasonous and seditious Politicians and politicals way back
    What did these Assistors and enamblers of islam and these Treasonous and seditious Politicians and politicals do ….
    Had you Pauline – Falsely Incarcerated – it’s time to go yourself you Dhimmi “Little Johnny” How How.

    Pauline – Please help a wiser Australia clean out the Mandatory Sterilised Muhammadans from Australia and also the islamic Slave Politicians and Politicals and Local Government “Whatevers” ….. because ….
    I am also hugely and grosely offended by anything islamic and I suffer constant debilitating physical and mental upset caused by Islamonausea (Sick of Everything and AnyThing islamic) every time I see or am reminded of a Muhammadan Anywhere AnyPlace in Australia and on this planet Earth!

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