Why should ‘rich’ western countries resettle millions of Muslim ‘refugees?’

Countries vow to double Syria refugees intake

UN agency praises pledges to resettle over 100,000 refugees, but urges more help to curb rampant displacement crisis. (Al Jizz)

It is grotesaque that, given what all sensible people now know about Islam, and about the dangers to the non-Muslim world of Muslim immigrants, carrying Islam in their mental baggage, that the Western countries would agree to take in any more Syrians — unless, of course, those Syrians are Armenian or Arabic-speaking Christians (of the kind who are not, when it comes to the Musliim war against Israel, not plus royaliste que le roi). Another conference has been held, another deploring of the sad state of the refugees, the need for them to go elsewhere than the “neighboriing countries” (Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey, even Egypt). And the Western countries are being made to feel guilty about this, when there is no reason at all to feel guilty. These people, 95% of whom are Sunni Muslims, are not integrable. In language, custom, and religion — the religiion of Islam — into the Western world, where they would simply add to the insecurity, the exense, the danger that have been the result, in every single Western country, of a large-scale Muslim presence. They would bring with them Islam, and would, as an object of sympathy, further confuse people as to the nature of Islam. There would be a larger incidence of conversion to Islam, the converts coming from socially and psychically marginal people who would find a Compleat Explanation of the Universe, a Total Regulation of Life, an Instant Community of Bruvvers, and an ideology that would justify their criminal behavior.

Meanwhile, all over the Gulf, there are Arab countries with trillions of dollars, who have more than ten milllion foreign wage-slaves working for them. Why should these states — Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the Emiratres, and nasty little Qatar, with ten times as many foreign workers waiting hand and foot on the native Qataris, not take care, as they so easily could, of the entire “Syrian refugee” problem by themselves.

Hugh Fitzgerald: Saudi Arabia, Qatar, The Emirates, Kuwait, Oman, For Example

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  1. It was announced last week that Obama has agreed to import 200,000-250,000 Muslims ONLY from Syria and Somalia into our United States. NO Christians or others allowed. He has allowed at least 5-6 million to infiltrate our borders. If that number is true to past government numbers, it could be 5, or 10 times that amount. You tell me what is going on! I certainly have my own ideas…he has 26 months (+/-) to finish the United States as we have known her. United? You may be witnessing the end.
    Any bettors out there?

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