Austria: Muslims ‘worried’ as Austrian government demand changes to the Quran

Muslims ‘worried’ as Austrian government demand changes to the Quran

This is an excellent idea. If it flies, it will be the end of Islam in Austria. The Koran will be left with two pages. Or less. (From the Muslim Issue)


Muslims: Forever the provocateur. Forever in your face, wherever they go.

The Austrian government is obviously smarter than the rest of the socialist Europeans. The Austrian government has now banned external foreign funding for mosques and Islamic causes into the country. This is to block Saudi and Qatar genocide ‘donations’ in the name of jihad.

In addition the government now wants all Quran’s to be standardized and translated into German and contain a version that complies with European human rights laws. Teachings and ideals that violate basic human rights have to be removed from the Quran, they argue. Completely decent and right. But unfortunately its not enough and won’t be feasible in the long run. Muslims argue that they want to “change” the Quran to a different version. Now what does that tell us??

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We’re all pirates now


International “Human Rights” Court Declares That Somali Pirates Have “Rights,” Too, Orders France to Pay Up for Its Violation


Sing: Yo ho ho and a barrel of “human rights” lunacy

You may have heard by now that Hillary Clinton thinks the best way to bring about world “peace” is to “empathize”–yes, “empathize”– with our enemies.


That’s right. The POTUS-in-waiting wants us to “walk a mile in the shoes” (so to speak) of the likes of Kim Jong Un, Vladimir Putin, the Grandiose Ayatollah and everyone everywhere who is making jihad his/her life’s (and death’s) work.– Hillary Clinton’s “Empathy” Tripe a Recipe for Doom, Kaboom and Catastrophe


For Holder, Obama and co., the cops are the bad guys

U.S. President Obama and Attorney General Holder attend the National Peace Officers Memorial Service at the Capitol in Washington“Holder: Cops Must Pretend Some Facts Don’t Exist”

The left’s coup on America is complete. Disarming the American people even further and leaving us completely exposed. No jihadic theology, no ideology, no “Middle Eastern,” no gender, as identifying characteristics. - Pamela Geller


The Psychopathy of the Marxist Muslim POTUS

By: Adam Edelman (New York Daily News) President Obama — in his first televised interview since a Staten Island grand jury decided not to indict the New York cop…
I’ve seen many talking heads wonder aloud on Fox News and other networks why President Obama brings in Al Sharpton as his advisor on race. The President met in secret with Sharpton and the Ferguson…
“You see racism everywhere,” charged Judge Jeanine Pirro, who accused President Obama of…
Departments Now “Having Hard Time” Finding People Who Want to Be Police Officers, Blaming Social Media 12 Police departments around the country are…FILMINGCOPS.COM
Sam Samford's photo.
There is nothing to be gained by releasing the CIA intelligence report.–FOXNEWS.COM
Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan threatened to “tear this godd*m country apart!” over Ferguson. Farrakhan told parents to teach their kids how to toss… THEGATEWAYPUNDIT.COM

Britain’s Unrequited Love

by Douglas Murray  

Willing to be endlessly open and hospitable, Britain finds itself at a loss when that hospitality is neither respected nor returned.

It is worth asking why British Muslims should have their scripture represented in the coronation of the new monarch, when many will not even pray in their mosques for the well-being of that monarch. Including passages from the Quran in the coronation is a mistake because of the old problem of reciprocity — and at the same time as no Christian (let alone a Jew) can even set foot in Mecca. Then what about also representing Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, and atheists?

In synagogues in the UK, British Jews every week in their service have a prayer for the long life and happiness of the Queen. It is a moving and heartfelt moment, not to mention a clear signal that Jews in Britain are utterly loyal to the state. So why should British mosques not have a similar prayer? Because many Muslims in Britain simply do not share the good Lord Harries’s kindness, tolerance, inclusivity or indeed liberalism.

What is the answer? Perhaps bit more kindness, a bit more generosity, the offering up of a few more of our treasured traditions. That will do it, we think, surely?

British coronations, then and … now? Left: The coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in 1953. Right: Prince Charles, son of Elizabeth and heir to the throne, demonstrating his inclusivity and multicultural credentials during a recent visit to Saudi Arabia — a country not known for “inclusive hospitality,” especially in the realm of religious freedom.

The tradition of liberal tolerance, fostered in Britain, was one of the greatest gifts this country gave to the world. That inclusive tradition of John Locke and John Stuart Mill, however, always leaves itself open to abuse by people willing to use liberalism’s flaws — not least its tolerance of intolerance — to end liberalism.

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Quote of the Week

“Palestinians have a right to request international aid, and donors have an obligation to provide it.”

NGO says world obligated give money to Palestinians with no conditions (Full post below the fold, EoZ)



France have declared war against anti-Semitism, finally. The recent brutal anti-Semitic attack woke up a few people.
The question is… will it make a difference? Is it too late?

France Declares War on Plague of Anti-Semitism
After years of suffering by French Jews, the government has finally declared war against the ugly wave of anti-Semitism that has been plaguing the country.—UNITEDWITHISRAEL.ORG

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Feel the Love….

Kill a Jew, go to heaven:

Jewish Man Stabbed in Crown Heights – Arutz Sheva

… Police arrived at the scene and apprehended the perpetrator, who according to several source, is of African-American descent and may be Muslim. …By Tova Dvorin thanks to Mullah, pbuh

Imam feels the pain:

Al-Aqsa imam: Situation in Jerusalem ‘painful’

… “Extremists advocate the destruction of the Al-Aqsa Mosque and the building of a so-called ‘Solomon’s temple’ with the aim of conducting a racist project in Palestine.”

He said it was up to all Muslims in the world to urge Israel to allow Palestinians to decide how they wanted to live, in accordance with international law. … “International law” means sharia for the soldiers of allah….

Pali Muslim Cleric Endorses Murder of Rabbis; Obama is Considering Sanctions Against Israel; Hillary Sides with Obama on Israel

“Murder of rabbis was committed according in accordance with Sharia…”

(FPM) Despite the media’s attempt at moderatewashing, it’s clear that the entire Pal Authority infrastructure supports the synagogue massacre at Har Nof and the murder of Rabbis while praying.


How ISIS Drives Muslims From Islam
Young Arabs are boldly speaking out against rule by Shariah.
Really? I call BS. This is purely for infidel consumption. They are religiously obliged to support it, and they do. In ever larger numbers.
“While Islamic state continues to control a great swathe of territory, enormous wealth and a self-declared “caliphate” it will continue to attract recruits in large number. The core of its appeal over other Islamist terror outfits lies in its seizure of power. The only way to stop that recruitment is to destroy it on the ground.” ~Melanie Phillips

Don’t Keep Yelling ‘Islamophobia’ To Silence Genuine Debate

 If we fail to reciprocate and keep yelling ‘Islamophobia’ to silence genuine debate, then the host society has an absolute right to act in revulsion towards us.–Munir Pervaiz Saami @ PuffHo


Al Sharpton, look out. This guy will take your job:
Defected guard recalls Islamic State militant forcing child to slit throat of FSA fighter




Too dumb to understand Koran; not too dumb to wage jihad:

Ahmet, a 24-year-old Uygur, tried to cross the border to join a so-called holy war after being taught religious precepts by Ismail Yusup. Ahmet admitted he could only read the Quran; he could not understand its meaning. …


‘Patriotic Europeans against Western Islamisation’ brings out 10.000 in Dresden

More than 10.000 people in Dresden Germany

Here’s a rather unenthusiastic report from The Telegraph:

Germans take to the streets to protest against ‘Islamisation’

Anti-immigrant protests claim to want to preserve Judeo-Christian culture as critics accuse it of harbouring neo-Nazi elements


“We are the people”- (Muslims are not)

A new type of anti-immigration protest is sweeping across Germany, as thousands take to the streets against what they say is the growing “Islamisation” of the country.

Right-wing”demonstration in Dresden

Leftards can’t get their heads around the fact that there is opposition to their multicultural utopia.

The new protests, which began in the city of Dresden in the former East Germany, feature no neo-Nazi slogans and have nothing to do with the traditional far right.

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Australia: First female genital mutilation case to go to trial in NSW Supreme Court

About time, too.
First female genital mutilation case to go to trial in NSW Supreme Court
The woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons, will stand trial next year alongside the girls’ mother and a man.

“At least 20 Aussies killed” in Syria and Iraq fighting for terrorist groups…

At least 20 Australians killed in Syria and Iraq fighting for terrorist groups, Brandis says (ABC NEWS)

Good Riddance!

It is patently absurd to call these wannabe headchoppers “Aussies”. They might hold Australian passports, but they are nothing but Koranimals who somehow managed to settle behind enemy lines.


Federal Attorney-General George Brandis says “at least 20 Australians” have been killed fighting alongside terrorist groups in Syria and Iraq, and warns that the Islamic State group is using Australians on the frontline as “cannon fodder, bombers and propaganda tools”. 

Senator Brandis said the number of Australians killed had risen in recent weeks and that Western recruits were being duped into thinking they were an important part of a religious crusade.

Brandis would be well advised to call it a jihad, not a “crusade”.

Around 70 Australians are still believed to be fighting in the Middle East while another 20 have returned home.

WTF? Why are we not informed? And why have they not been arrested on arrival?


In other news:

  • Twin sisters who fled Britain to join the Islamic State terror group in Syria have lost their jihadi fighter husbands in battle.-From the Mail on Sunday, thanks to Esmeralda

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‘Diversity’, the New Age Religion

Leftoids obsessed with cultural relativism are deliberately obscuring the Mohammedan invasion with euphemistic blather about ‘diversity’,  ‘ethnicity’ and culture’.  Their morally bankrupt  shrieks of ‘racism’, which blames irritated Aussies for not being nice enough to unassimilable, belligerent Muselmaniacs, are beginning to sound like a broken record.
  by Christina McIntosh

As dutifully reported by the ABC this morning.

“Cultural Diversity Survey: Victorians Support Ethnic Diversity, but 40 Percent Believe Some Groups “Do Not Fit In”.

I would like to know the exact wording of the questions that people were asked.  Because ‘ethnic’ and ‘cultural’ are distinct.  A person may, for example, be Indian by ethnicity or ‘race’ – speaking a South Asian language and having certain physical characteristics – but practice any one of a variety of wildly-different belief systems – Sikhism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity, Islam, or even be an atheist or a communist. And those belief systems will make a significant difference in the way that person behaves toward others.  A ‘Persian’ speaking Farsi may be Christian, Shiite Muslim, Zoroastrian or atheist; and it would be a fool who pretended it did not matter a great deal which.  – CM


‘Victorians support the idea of cultural diversity but 40 percent of people believe there is at least one ethnic group that does not fit into Australian society, a survey has found.

There is one ‘group’  I can think of that does not fit and has no intention of fitting…but that group is not an ‘ethnic group’, it is defined solely by adherence to a specific ideology.  Those who join it – by choosing to accept and adhere to that ideology – tend to become just as dangerous and disruptive, just as much “misfits”,  as those who were born to its practitioners and steeped in its tenets from birth. – CM


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