“We do not know the motive… ” Helle Thorning-Schmidt, Danish PM

“We do not know the motive… but we know that there are forces that want to hurt us”—Helle Thorning-Schmidt, Danish PM

There is no end to this.

 Danish lone wolf ‘jihadi’ who was gunned down by police after terror shootings which killed film director and Jewish security guard – weeks after he was released from prison over knife attack

The Mohammedan dog is dead.

Danish police shot and killed a man near Norrebro metro station at 5am
He has been identified as Danish born Omar Abdel Hamid El-Hussein, 22
Released from jail two weeks ago after stabbing teenager on train in 2013
Two people killed in separate attacks on a cafe and synagogue yesterday
Finn Nørgaard, 55, was killed at a free speech event at Krudttonden cafe
Dan Uzan, 37, was shot in the head as he stood guard at Bat Mitzvah
Danish Prime Minister says the country had been ‘hit by terror’ today
Britain’s David Cameron condemns shootings as ‘attack on free speech’

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Rather than face terrorism charges, Danish jihadis who return to the European country from Syria are offered rehabilitation. 

Unlike in Britain, where a handful of terrorism suspects have been detained after flying into the UK from Turkey, the Danish government enrols citizens in a rehabilitation programme. 

More Danes travelled to Syria last year per head of population than any other European country except from Belgium. 

Thirty per cent hailed from Aarhus, the country’s second largest city, where the rehabilitation programme was orchestrated. 

Everyone who returns from war-torn countries is screened and offered treatment for shrapnel wounds as well as psychiatric care for trauma. 

The families of those already in Syria are also given access to Skype. 

It was intended for those who travelled to the Middle East with the intention of helping civilians oppressed by the Assad regime. 

Some of those enrolled in the programme said they would have turned against the government if treated as a criminal. 

Critics however fear the system, allegedly designed in anticipation of the breakdown of ISIS, will be abused.  

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  1. We the hoi polloi know why the allah Trash does what it does, but the Morons running our countries appear to be clueless about their motives. . . Either that is true or they are afraid of being targeted, too, by homicidal, Islamic Psychos.

    The West needs new leadership with the guts to combat Islam, and deporting all Muslims must be the first step in making it safe again!

  2. The Western Political narrative never changes, despite the unequivocal assertion of the terrorists themselves who make it clear they are motivated by the teachings and examples of their prophet and his promise of virgins.
    The record of history is broken.
    How else can we explain that after a repetition of 25,000 times one would not question the validity of this Treasonous Seditious narrative by our own politicians?

    • Immediately after the attack, the president or the prime minister of the country in which the attack has taken place goes on TV and declares that this attack had nothing to do with Islam.

    • Right after that the chief of police announces that he has taken all the measures to protect islams from any imaginary backlash and nonexistent reprisal.

    • In the evening of the same day the mainstream media interviews an imam or a islam spokesperson who emphasizes that Islam does not condone violence.

    • We are then told that extremists exist in all religions and reminded that some thirty years ago a few Christians killed a few abortionist murderers of unborn babies.

    • Then the pundits are called to pontificate that the root cause of Islamic terrorism is not in what the terrorist themselves say, and nothing to do with the Quran (that in hundreds of verses calls on the believers to kill the unbelievers), but in the injustice done to islams in other parts of the world, such as in Abu Ghraib prison and particularly in Palestine where half a century ago Israelis defeated the Arab invaders who had vowed to drown them in the sea.

    • A few days after that the police and the politicians of the victim country hold meetings with the leaders of the islam community where they conclude that more money should be given to the “moderate islams” to persuade the “radicals” to not take their religion seriously.

    • The experts also conclude that emblems like Christmas and Christmas trees hurt the religious sentiment of islams and they should be removed from public institutions, shopping malls and schools, while at the same time islams should be given some concessions, like not requiring them to wash their hands before performing operation on patients, designating a room and Islamic toilets for them in public institutions, and allow them to apply for driving license without requiring them to show their face.

    • Also, in the spirit of integration and community cohesion, everyone should be forced to eat halal meat, which involves extra cruelty to the animals, without their knowledge, whether they want it or not.

    While politicians in western countries and the mainstream media are stuck in the above narrative, the truth is not hidden from the islams.

    Author: Ali Sina
    Ali Sina is the author of Understanding Muhammad and Muslims.

    ‘Incarcerate’ all Treasonous/Seditious Politicians !!!
    ‘Expel’ all islam from everywhere !!!

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