“We teach them to be good Australian Muslims”

They will teach them to be Muslims, but they will never be Australians.

Victorian students flock to Islamic schools as Muslim population grows


Tiger Bachar Houli with his daughter Sarah.Tiger Bachar Houli with his daughter Sarah. Photo: Getty Images

Victorian students are flocking to Islamic schools in record numbers, with enrolments increasing by almost 70 per cent in the past eight years.

Ilim, Al-Taqwa and Minaret colleges have recorded some of the largest student increases in the state as Muslim families settle in Melbourne’s growth corridor suburbs.

Independent Schools Victoria chief executive Michelle Green said families sent their children to Islamic schools because they wanted to honour their culture and beliefs.

She said this was more difficult to achieve at state schools.

“There’s a strong wish to educate children and to makes sure they become a  part of Australian society and we can only applaud that.”

In 2007 there were seven Islamic schools in Victoria with 5343 students. This increased to 10 Islamic schools with 9040 students in 2014.

When Ilim College opened in Dallas in Melbourne’s north in 1995 it had just 63 students.

Now the Islamic school has two campuses, an early learning centre and is attended by 1600 students.

Principal Aynur Simsirel said turning away students was one of the most difficult things about her job.

“We get well over 200 applications for prep and we can only accept 95,” she said. “That’s what I find most difficult, saying no.”

Ms Simsirel said the increasing Muslim population in Melbourne’s northern suburbs was behind the school’s growth.

“It’s an answer to an ever-growing population and and parents’ desires to send their children to a school that meets their cultural and religious needs.”

Victoria’s largest Islamic school, Al-Taqwa College, had 1696 students enrolled last year, 653 more than in 2007. There are 1950 students enrolled at the popular school this year.

The school’s principal Omar Hallak said the Truganina college appealed to so many families because of its unwavering focus on discipline.

“Discipline is more important than education, if you have education and no discipline you can’t learn in the classroom,” he said. “If students respect the teachers then that education comes along quickly.”

He said 95 per cent of students who graduated from the school went on to study at university.

Richmond footballer Bachar Houli is one of Al-Taqwa’s most famous alumni.

Faith is also a big drawcard. The school has a full-time imam and a mosque, which can accommodate 1000 worshippers and has a mezzanine floor for women.

“We teach them to be good Australian Muslims.”

Enrolments at Minaret College have surged 67 per cent to 1478 students since 2007.

Of the 9040 students enrolled at Islamic schools last year, 5874 were primary school aged and 3166 were secondary school aged.

The schools cater to 352 more girls than boys.


8 thoughts on ““We teach them to be good Australian Muslims””

  1. That is just feeding poison into the veins of Australia. What about Islam can they teach there that is not an abhorrence to us? Segregation of men and women? islam’s superiority to the infidel’s life? It’s all the infidels’ fault?

  2. STOP islams being in Australia !!!
    STOP islam Appeasers allowing islams to remain “Anywhere” !!!

  3. I think another factor to count is the cost for ‘private’ schooling. Islamic private schools offer not only mind bending religious teachings but also an equivalent curriculum to other private schools in the area.

    For example Haileybury costs per student is astounding. Costs at other religious schools such as St Johns Catholic College and Maranatha Christian College are astronomical. Whereas the Islamic school you can expect to pay up to $3000 per child.

    Christian schools make it so much harder when in fact they could be drawing more in and spreading their word. Two students at Maranatha, Year 7 and Year 9 costs $14000 thereabouts for the year, what ordinary observant people can afford that? Islamic schools have the draw card because they’re making it more accessible to people.

    You want exclusivity well it’s going to come at a price and what a price that will be.

  4. Islamic colleges are heavily subsidised by halal certification revenues and of course by the Saudis. On top of that they get the usual Australian Government subsidies for private schools.
    So called Christian schools can’t compete against those monetary inputs.

    The apparent rapid rise of Islamic private schools is just one of the phenomena of the Islamic, Fifth Column infiltration of Australia being on a roll whilst most Australians are in a state of ‘she’ll be alright’ oblivion and being kept that way by their persuit of comforting lies via Fabian Socialist Main Stream Media like the ABC/SBS.

    We are in a state of paralysis because our moral code is damaged by the insidious virus of political correctness. This has happened to the extent that most of our political leaders have become useful idiots and helpless lame ducks facing the juggernaught of Islamisation.

    We are rapidly approaching that cross-roads in history where we will either start the long road back to reversing the self-made mess of creeping Sharia and Islamisation or we will go under to become yet another country to fall to Islam.

    If we don’t stop our relentless appeasement of everything Islamic we will only succeed in encouraging Islam to test how low we will crawl.

    What will it be? Australia or Australistan?

  5. A pattern is emerging that many are failing to see -I originally come from the Bankstown area where I lived for 58 years -muslims build a mosque -houses are bought up all around as it is their duty to live as close to the mosque as possible -in time all the Aussies are gone -moved out -your a stranger in your own country -islamic schools are established- the once nice little towns such as Wiley Park- Punchbowl – Lakemba -Campsie -are no more -the latest -my town Padstow is being bought out -a mosque is coming -they will all link up soon -Bankstown – Liverpool -then they will start getting into parliament and start the demands for sharia law -which they all live by now in their colonized towns -they cannot assimilate as their only allegiance is to islam and sharia law -Gods law -not man made law -those who became Australian citizens and those who took office in Government committed taqiyya as they swore to put Australia first -they cannot do that as they are committed to God’s law -sharia.-we are slowly being izlamized -kowtowing to islam and immigration must stop -now.-before they get the numbers.

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