Why would Julie Bishop report to Mohammedan scum?

Morons from the ABC seem to think she should:

Islamic State: Muslim Women’s Association sceptical of Julie Bishop’s claim 40 women, including ‘jihadi brides’, supporting terrorist activity in Syria and Iraq

By Lindy Kerin


Maha Abdo from the Muslim Women’s Association was sceptical about the figures quoted by Ms Bishop.

“I have a question mark. I’d like to know who they are and where are they, and if that is a fact, let’s engage and let’s talk about it,” she told The World Today.

“I just feel that if there is an issue of that kind, I would hope that the Minister would actually talk to us Muslim women directly and tell us and engage with us about finding solutions. …

More on the ‘solution’ to islam and all its baggage at ABC News thanks to Mullah, pbuh

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Nothing will ever come of it:

France plans broader dialogue with its large Muslim minority

Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve said the government would consult twice a year with a wide range of Muslim leaders, including not only the official French Muslim Council (CFCM) but also imams and intellectuals not represented in it, on problems facing the community. …

More on the ‘community’ that kills cartoonists and Jews and regularly burns cars during the unholy month of ramadan at World Bulletin thanks to  Mullah

The Germans have been doing this for almost 10 years now. The annual “Islam Konferenz” is a talkfest where Mohammedan headbangers bloviate about their grievances, demand (and get) money (jiziya) while their German counterparts get nothing but contempt.

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  1. Yes – Maha Abdo was given airtime on the news last night – and she was sceptical about Julia Bishop’s claims. But who gives a rat’s . The real question that should be directed at the TV stations’ news editors is: why simultaneously waste the time of millions of viewers and pretend that what is going on in this woman’s brain has any significance at all?

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