Britain First gets in their face

Britain First exposes and confronts known and convicted terrorists on English streets

Thanks to Vlad Tepes

The Britain First confrontation film illustrates British police escorting or protecting Abu Izzadeen (ff 2:46). Notice a familiar beard pattern on the police? Abu clearly states he has no respect for British law, but those policemen who are paid to enforce the law expose a similar contempt and disrespect with their facial grooming. (From reader WTD)

“Hate Crime Managers” Wanted, Hiring Now!


More no place for hate at Nottingham Post thanks to Mullah, pbuh

To end extremism, give Muslims opportunity: Turkey’s EU Minister

There is no such thing as “extremism”, there is only Islam. Turks  know that, but they don’t want you to know:

A Turkish government official says to eliminate a root cause of Islamist extremism terrorism, European countries must elevate their Muslims into positions of power so that they can rule over them. give their Muslim residents greater opportunities and more reasons for hope. …


Give Muslims opportunity to end extremism, says Turkish minister

Bozkır called that the leading reason for Islamic radicalization and terrorism. He said European leaders should take action so their Muslim populations will stop feeling they are “outside the circle.”

# Perhaps islamic extremism gobbledegook has something to do with islam after all…

Europe is beating to the tune of far-rightists?

# Lots of baggage about ‘islamophobia’

LONDON – At a time when Europe is beating to the tune of far-rightists, its capitals entranced by the aggressive and often openly racist narrative pouring from groups such as the Pegida movement in Germany, the Front National in France or again the UKip in Britain, Muslims everywhere have grown uneasy. …

More on the pan-muslim unease and the associated victim baggage at OnIslam By Catherine Shakdam, thanks to Mullah, pbuh