CNN Doubles Down On BS Story About “1000 Muslims Ring of Protection’

Hugh Fitzgerald

CNN Keeps Up With The Sentimental And Pleasing Lie About That Synagogue In Norway

By Ruth Ellen Gruber


Look at the photograph that heads an article that attempts to “put into perspective” well-justified alarm about antisemitic attacks and attitudes in Europe, which rise pari passu with the rise in the Muslim population — it’s a false photograph, because it shows a handful of Musliims holding hands, outside that synagogue in Norway, which hand-holding by three dozen or so Muslims (most of them apparently Kurds, many wearing identifiably Kurdish dress — and the Kurds have their own reasons for seeing a similarity between Israel and Kurdistan) was first reported as “a crowd of about 1,000 Muslims” until the hopeful story, so pleasing to so many who want to believe that Everything Will Be Okay,  was exposed as a fabrication. But apparently CNN thinks it can continue to ignore that, and to publish, as it does here, a photograph that continues to mislead, just as it continues to refer to the “1,000 people,” “most of them Muslims,” who were surrounding that synagogue in Norway. Can’t CNN ever admit it was wrong? Can’t it at least take a look at the reports by Agence France Presse and others correcting the initial, and false reports, by CNN and others? What gives CNN the right to publish such a misleading photograph more than a week after the initial reports were corrected by others? Will this be looked into by anyone at CNN? Or by any other journalists, trying to discover why stories that either show Muslims as victims of anti-Muslim hostility (that attempt to portray what was clearly a semi–demented man’s murderous lapsus in Chapel HIll into a “hate crime”) or as noble embodiments of decency, standing up to Protect the Jews (as that Ring of Protection by “1,000 Musliims” in Norway), have a long life, live on long after they have been exposed and exposed again? Surely this is worth study and discussion.

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    Hello there……its me again……..Don Laird……..

    I know you have seen the video above before.

    It is the manifestation of rage as felt by the youth of France as they watched their spineless, boot-licking parents kneel before the Muslims that, given the Carte Blanche of Multiculturalism, overran and infested their country of France. Parents that set the quintessential example of cowardice and capitulation for their own children as they bathed the unwashed Muslim asses with their tongues and stood by as these same Muslims, biting the hands of generosity and welcome extended by their hosts, smeared the filth and excrement of Islam, smeared the filth and excrement of 7th century lunacy on everything the French held dear and sacred.

    That time is over.

    It seems, dare I venture forth so boldly and with faint hope piled on faint hope…….that France’s common man and woman have had enough of having their faces pushed into the dust with the bootheel of Muhammad on their necks with the infinite Islamic demands and discontent ringing in their ears, all whilst the same Muhammadan’s gleefully destroy and sodomize all things France.

    Below is another link to a webpage, please scroll down the webpage and see the faces of the young men….and, incredibly, the young women, as they rise up to face the vulgar and guttural, to face the Muslims and the lunacy of the coward and pedophile they worship with such fanaticism, Muhammad.

    We here in Canada are scant years behind the mindless chaos of France and Europe as now, to wrest all they hold dear, to wrest the heart and soul of their nation from barbarians and savages, from animals, will, mark my words, require blood.

    And so it should, and so it should.

    And here in Canada, as young men and women, as former soldiers, as citizens, as students, as the very backbone of one of the greatest nations, one of the finest civilized societies in the history of Mankind, where will you stand when it comes time to move forward?

    Will you stop the push of the Muslim before we reach the point of blood?

    Will you listen to the talking heads of Mainstream Media?

    Will you allowed yourself to be deterred by those whose stupidity and socialist liberal leftist political correctness has put this nation on a ruinous path?

    Will you ignore that voice inside you that tells you that should you ignore your country and her cries for help, should you walk away, your collar upturned as your schools and universities are made fertile ground for the poisoning our children’s minds with the purest Leftist hatred for our culture and our way of life, as you shuffle off, willfully deafened, as our judiciary are made vulgar mouthpiece for Islamic law, as all we have built and hold dear is ground to dust ‘neath an Islamic Caliphate…..will you ignore all of that knowing that your cowardice will make slaves of your children’s children and their children and so on and so on?

    There are times to be silent and there are times to speak out.

    The time to speak out, to become involved, to find your courage, to find your voice, has arrived.

    If the French can do it, so can you.

    Will you be criticized? Yes.

    Will you be ridiculed? Yes.

    Will you be told to walk the path of least resistance, the well worn path of capitulation, apathetic indifference, the path of cowards? Yes.

    Will you have moments of doubt? Yes.

    Will you feel alone as you speak out against that which is profoundly wrong? Yes.

    Will you be alone in all that you do? No.

    Think about how we now live in times when our governments, corrupt, self serving and utterly loathsome, consider allowing pedophiles legal access to violate in the most unspeakable way, the precious gifts of those children you bore.

    Think about our law enforcement agencies as, in acts of betrayal, they make alliances with terrorists and the treasonous, law enforcement agencies who choke and gag on the words “Jihad, Terrorist, Muslim”.

    Think about the empowerment that is derived from the butchering of an unborn child, the enthusiastic slaughter of the quintessential physical manifestation of the words helpless and defenseless.

    Think of how perverts and deviants, turning our Main Streets into carnivals for the intellectually and morally bankrupt, cavort about, simulating acts of sodomy and sadomasochism, all under the watchful and approving-eye of our “elected officials”.

    Think about our judiciary and its incestuous handmaiden, the legal industry, as they turn our courts into a nauseating circus where rapists, murderers and those insatiable monsters who consume the weakest among us, are turned into media celebrities and with their endless appeals, the lucrative retirement plans for these litigating reptiles.

    Think about the treasonous and treacherous lawyers like Dennis Edney, Brydie Bethell, John Norris and Nathan Whitling who, wrapped in the shining cloak of the self righteous and altruistic defenders of civilized western legal process, fill our courtrooms with seditious volumes spoken in favour of setting Muslim jackals and psychopaths loose amongst the innocent, in order that West Edmonton Mall be made our own little Nairobi.

    Think about the fawning media, social engineers and our bureaucracy as they revere and celebrate perverts and deviants who speak openly about the joys of jamming their fists into another man’s anus.

    Think about the teachers of our children, protected by laws, immune from prosecution and beyond reproach, as they twist, corrupt and grotesquely pervert the minds of the same children with their leering and vocal approving endorsement of “fisting”, “cross-dressing”, “transvestism”, “kiddie play” and every other mind numbing perversion they can pull from their bag of social engineering tools as, with our children, they build their “brave, new, empowered, enlightened, liberal” world.

    Now, in the quiet of the evening, look into the faces of your friends, your family, your father and mother, your brother and sisters, your sons and daughters……look into their eyes and feel the honour of the burden of their expectations, feel the honour of the burden of their trust……..look at the flag of your country, look at the coffins of those brave young men and women who, having given all they had to give, are now brought home feet first…….think about those men and women, the legions of those brave men and women who gave you your freedom and the precious gift of citizenship in this country……a country that badly needs you now.

    Food for thought, catalyst for action.

    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Alberta, Canada

    To all of you and to all my patriot friends in France:

    Bonne nuit, rêve grand et bien dormir mes amis, laissez-mots des patriotes, des héros, les aventuriers et les courageux être votre berceuse que vous laisser aller au sommeil.

    1. Now……..think some more before you click on the video link below.

      Now think about those who would listen to the words in the video clip below and call them “sickness”, “mentally disturbed”, “extremist”, “conservative”, “right-wing”, “fanatical”, “unbalanced”, “antiquated”, and so much more.

      Look inside yourself, resolve to serve your ancestors, to serve your family, to serve your country, to serve your conscience, to serve your soul, to find your courage, to find your voice.

      Food for thought, catalyst for action.

      Regards, Don Laird
      Dogtown Bastard
      Alberta, Canada

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