If we would only love Muslims they wouldn’t have to terrorise us!

Why is this Islamo agitprop & grievance monger here?  If America’s welcome culture is so much better than ours, why didn’t he stay there? And what entitles him to benefits without ever having paid one red cent in taxes?

Muslim journalist in Sydney says Australia pushing youth into the arms of terrorists


US Muslim journalist Sulmain Abdur-Raham said if Australia was more welcoming of Muslims,

US Muslim journalist Sulmain Abdur-Raham said if Australia was more welcoming of Muslims, they would be less likely to become radicalised. Picture: Tim Hunter

AN African-American Islamic journalist living in Sydney says young Muslims are better off in the US than Australia, where welfare and multicultural policies are driving them into the arms of terrorists.

Islam drives young Muslims into the arms of terrorists,  not multicultural policies or welfare. (SY)


Sulaiman Abdur-Rahman, who has been unable to find work since migrating a year ago, says if Australia was more welcoming of Muslims and willing to employ them instead of leaving them on welfare, they would be less likely to become radicalised.

Mr Abdur-Rahman, who used to work for the Philadelphia Inquirer newspaper, has written a book Under Siege: Black Muslim Down Under, which is scathing about Australia’s “cultural isolation and short-sightedness” in its treatment of Muslims.

He says he understands why out-of-work Australian Muslims have fled to the battlefields of the Middle East to become paid Islamic State mercenaries.

“I could have been one of those people,” the 30-year-old says of the 57 Australian extremists currently known to be fighting with terrorist groups in Syria and Iraq.

“Australia talks about giving people a fair go, but they don’t actually provide that,” he writes in the book.

“I had every opportunity for success in America, because America values the merit of all people, including Muslims and black folks.

“But then I went to Australia and felt as if the Aussies either wanted me to get on welfare or go back to where I had come from.”

Who asked him to come here? If he can’t get a job he is obviously not needed or qualified. Why is he not declared persona non grata and deported?

He accuses Australian authorities of being more welcoming — and even courting — Martin Place siege gunman Man Haron Monis than a university-­educated Muslim man such as himself. “The man (Monis) should have never been free to carry out his deadly siege,” he writes in his self-published e-book.

“It boggles the mind how Australia went soft on Monis up until the police officers had no choice but to kill him.”

But then I went to Australia and felt as if the Aussies either wanted me to get on welfare or go back to where I had come from

Mr Abdur-Rahman says he was a victim of anti-Muslim sentiment from the ­moment he stepped foot on Australian soil when he was “treated like a terrorist” and physically and verbally interrogated “unjustifiably” by customs officers during a trip to meet his future ­in-laws in 2012.

Every Muslim is a victim even if they live among us plotting our demise, which is a religious obligation.

“The Aussie authorities at Sydney Airport pounced on me like how my cat Foha pounces on a cockroach, all ­because I was a 28-year-old African-American Muslim travelling alone,” he writes.

Abdur-Rahman wants the red carpet treatment. We haven’t sunk that far yet. Kudos to our customs officers for taking a closer look.

“Never mind … I had (an) absolute right (and) legal permission to travel to Australia on my internationally powerful US passport with no criminal history whatsoever.

That “absolute right” can be revoked if he is engaged in activities that are considered suspect.

“No airport in the US has ever interrogated me like a terrorist on a no-fly list … (but) I have the life experience to now know that the American way is infinitely better than the Australian way.”

You are welcome to grab your flying carpet and return at once, Abdur-Rahman.

Mr Abdur-Rahman, who wishes to make clear his hatred of terrorism and organisations such as IS, says he moved to Sydney last year to be with his Australian wife Tara, whom he met on an online Muslim dating site.

So? There was no wife for him in all of the U.S. of A? How do we know Abdur-Rahman doesn’t live in polygamous relationships with 2 or 3 other women?

There are ISIS supporters, like this one in Iraq, all around the world.

There are ISIS supporters, like this one in Iraq, all around the world.

On reflection, he says it would have been easier for the newlyweds to “start our life of marriage in a lofty American penthouse as young Muslims in romance” but due to his ailing father-in-law’s poor health he gave it all up to move to south-western Sydney to support his wife and her family.

Right. He is an aid worker now.

But a year on, and more than 100 job applications later, he has decided to move back to the US next month.

Don’t let the door hit you, mate!

“Australia’s government-corporate complex enriches some Aussies while impoverishing others is what makes IS attractive to a small segment of Muslims disenchanted in the land Down Under,” he writes.

Social justice, anyone? Do we have to implement the Mohammedan distribution system to please this disenchanted young Muslim?

“While Tony Abbott says he fears the threat of terrorism in Australia will get worse before it gets better, I say it will definitely get worse.”

We know that. That’s why we have to stop and reverse Mohammedan migration to this country.

He says if Australia does not fully embrace its multiculturalism in an integrated way, it will “face more bouts of terrorists who siege the ­nation further”.

Nothing less than submission will do. We will not submit.

He claims he was warned that Liverpool was full of extremist Muslims who might try to recruit him.

So? Here’s a head chopper all charged up and ready to blow. Lets make sure it doesn’t happen here.